Incognito mode in Google Chrome will be even more anonymous

Google plans to upgrade the incognito mode of Chrome in future releases. In fact, in the source code of the Beta and Alpha versions, lines of code have been found that indicate greater privacy during the so-called incognito browsing , which until now was not perfect.

At the moment the incognito mode of Chrome does not use the FileSystem API to anonymise the web browsing, and therefore the developers to understand if the user is incognito or not, verify that the FileSystem API is deactivated , so as to identify the user who surf anonymously .

The API has been used by Chrome since 2010 , and together with Opera are the only two browsers to use it. In the source code of the next versions of Chrome, Google would have removed the use of these APIs, thus making it impossible to trace the navigation data obtained also by activating the incognito mode.

So something bubbles in the pot, even if it would be counterproductive to Google itself, given that even in Chrome’s anonymous browsing , the giant BigG is a bit of information with many data captured, even if not directly related to the user.

An important innovation with true anonymous surfing that could finally become a reality with the next versions of Chrome.

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