Windows 10 : You can read Linux partitions directly

With a next update, Microsoft intends to activate ext4 support in order to access Linux files directly from Windows Explorer .

The epochal turn will be integrated with the next updates of Windows 10, and will allow you to manage Linux files from File Explorer and PowerShel through the Windows Subsystem for Linux, WSL, which will see the integration of bash Linux in Windows, so you can use the Linux commands also on Windows.

The release of Windows 10 is fixed with the update of April 2019 (build 1903) that will strengthen WSL as never before. Once the Linux bash has been started from any Linux distribution, by typing explorer.exe we will be able to use the files directly from the Windows GUI.

The ability to access Linux from Windows is currently underway, and in a few months you can send Linux commands directly from Windows, and only in the future, however within the year, we can access the Linux File System ext4 from Windows.

The change has served, also because now Linux is used only in server environments and some geek, and the integration and exchange of files and commands could only benefit the entire Windows ecosystem that could exploit the full potential of Linux.

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