I lost so many Followers on Instagram? Here’s what happened

In recent days there has been a huge drop in followers on Instagram accounts where in some cases there were also 3 million fewer followers on a single account.

Within a few hours the online storm broke out, where among reports, complaints and anger, users were thrown against Instagram with the latter who provided only a vague response. In fact, after the generalized panic, which saw millions and thousands of followers disappear from accounts all over the world, the situation returned to normal in a few hours, with all the followers returning to their seats.

If initially there was talk of a real cleaning of fake accounts, empty, inactive for some time and clearly fake, Instagram was denied, announced that there was a temporary problem, which caused the loss of followers.

Instagram immediately showed interest, since it has published an official note that announced to be working on the problems reported and therefore in a few hours everything is fixed. It was just a temporary problem.

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