BUG Crash iPhone by saying the word Hyphen 5 times

A funny BUG restarts the iPhone by quickly pronouncing the word Hyphen. A video on the internet has unleashed the whole web since iOS 12 would have a curious problem with the word Hyphen, which is spoken quickly and a couple of touches would restart the iPhone.

Hyphen, restart the iPhone if pronounced from the Home screen , scrolling right from the left edge in the Home, and pronouncing the word after having tapped on the microphone icon .

The anomaly occurs only on iPhones in English after having repeated the word Hyphen for 5 times, and although the BUG is curious, it is not serious and does not have consequences if not a simple restart of your Apple device.

From what we read on the net the BUG is present on iOS 12.1 and on the iPhone 5s,iPhone 6, 6s, 6s Max, 8, X and XS Max devices while on the iPhone If with iOS 10.3.1 the anomaly is not present. It is very likely that Apple will introduce the bugfix with next update, although it is likely that it is the latest update released a few weeks ago, to introduce the bug.

Video, BUG restart iPhone HYPHEN

I have no way to try on the iPhone but if you try let us know yours.

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