How to sell your old iPhone at best price : Everything you need to do

The iPhone is one of the few smartphones that can get a value even after use. This is especially true for the high price of new models, which makes many consumers look for alternatives. Of course, you can not just put your smartphone on the market for any price and wait for offers. To check out some of the most essential tips when selling a used iPhone, just check out our list below!

1. Know the value of the model

First of all, you must do something very important: research your iPhone model and know how much it is worth. Ideally, you should know the value of it as new and in various states of use.

This way, it is easier to know the average that you can charge initially. Try to put a very competitive price, but slightly higher than you expect to receive. We say this because there will certainly be consumers making smaller offers, so it’s good to keep that in mind. Overall, you can find prices on auction sites like Free Market and OLX, for example.

2. See the conditions of the iPhone

With a sense of the values of your iPhone model, it is good to do a general survey of the device. It’s no use wanting to sell your device for the same price as another iPhone in a much better state, for example.

Know if everything is working, see if there are any risks, if it is slower, it takes time to load, if the screen has cracks, etc. All of this needs to be noticed and taken into consideration when it comes to selling it and setting the price.

3. Be honest about the state of the iPhone

Whether it is to sell the acquaintances personally or through the internet, you need to be truthful about the state of your iPhone. Whatever you find wrong (however small) should be reported to those interested in the device.

If this is not done, the buyer can ask for his money back, even if he is a stranger buying in the Free Market. Overall, people do not expect used iPhones to be in perfect condition, so you do not have to worry about some scratches on the back scaring buyers, for example.

In fact, your sincerity with the state of the iPhone can appeal to people who do not trust used smartphone ads in perfect condition.

4. Include accessories

Since your iPhone is used, it is expected that you have at least some accessories from it. This applies to films to the screen, protective covers, an extra charger, etc.

Our tip is to include as many accessories as you can without increasing both the final price. This will attract more interested since the offer is much better and they do not have to worry about acquiring such accessories separately.

5. Clean the iPhone well

Your next step should be to clean your iPhone. Whether he wants to or not, the daily use of a smartphone ends up making him a little dirty in ways that are not noticeable.

This includes finger marks, dust on the edges between the screen and even dirt on the headphone and charger inputs. As a dirty appliance scare any buyer, be sure to check all that out and leave it like new. There are many cheap cleaning products for electronic gadgets that you can find in any market, so we suggest you use something like that on your iPhone.

6. Take several photos of the iPhone

Now that your iPhone is clean and your accessories are separate, it’s time to take some photos. These images can be used to publicize the sale of the device on the Internet or even to show it to a friend, co-worker or family member.

Our suggestion is to show the iPhone from different angles so that the person can see the screen, the back and any scratches that the device may have. In this way, the person can not even complain that you have omitted details after the purchase.

We also suggest you take a picture of the accessories that will be sold together with the iPhone. It is also important that future buyers get a sense of the state and appearance of these items. Detailed photos always help to bring more interested, even because your ad will seem reliable.

7. Try to sell it to acquaintances

With all the initial preparations done, it’s time to start finding people interested in the device. We suggest you try to sell it to acquaintances before anything else.

This holds true for co-workers, friends or even members of your family. You can advertise that you are selling the device yourself or put a relaxed notice on social networks. This turns out to be safer and also makes it easier to combine the type of payment.

8. Advertise the iPhone on the internet

If you do not find interested in your social circle, the way is to resort to the internet itself. There are currently some sites on which you can sell a used iPhone.

Free Market and OLX turn out to be the most reliable, for both sellers and buyers. We suggest you take a look at the terms of use of each one and find out how the site can protect your sale from a malicious person, for example. It is also good to search for reports from people who have had problems with these sites to find out how they handled the situation.

Either way, make a complete advertisement, including the photos and describe the state of the device well. Look out for potential offers from interested people and answer any questions you may have. With all this, it should not take long for someone to buy your old iPhone.

9. Back up the device

With iPhone sold or about to be sold, do not forget to back up your data if you have not already. This is important to bring your apps and information to your next smartphone.

10. Restore the iPhone

After you back up, it’s time to restore your old iPhone to factory conditions. In other words, you will erase all your data and leave it as new for the next user to configure it from the beginning.

This is an extremely important step so that your information is not in someone else’s hand so that the buyer can use the device fully. You can check how to restore the iPhone with our tutorial on subject through the link.

11. Be attentive when sending

Finally, you should be very careful when sending the iPhone to the buyer. This tip is worth more for those who sell the device over the internet, of course.

We suggest you place the iPhone in its original box if you still have it and use bubble wrap or other material to protect the device and its accessories. Remember that the box can fall to the ground or be transported without so much caution, so you should do what you can to get it damaged.

It is a good idea to take the package insurance directly with the Courier, as this will give you a good guarantee if something happens in the middle of the road. Also, keep an eye on tracking the package to find out the delivery status and enter the code so that the buyer can do the same.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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