10 best apps to swap face on Android and iPhone

Sometimes we just do not like the way we appear in a photo, it happens to a lot of people. Or maybe we just want to have fun with camera apps and special effects, doing mounts and applying effects to our photos. To do so, we’ve created a list of the 10 best face-shifting apps available for both Android and iOS devices.

We’ve included different kinds of options, from application-embellishment tools that include stickers, filters, masks, and even transform us into animals or monsters. Explore and enjoy these apps!

1. Snapchat

In addition to being a social network where users can share quick videos or images to their followers and contacts, Snapchat also offers face-changing functions. Be increasing your eyes, adding makeup, or even using functions of exchange faces (face swap).

Add snouts, ears, and even animal languages and be able to take photos or even record videos with the stickers live. Snapchat is free and has millions of users around the world. Download it right now for iOS and Android and have fun with your friends!

2. Facetune

Facetune is one of the most famous embellishment applications for mobile devices. It allows its users to model their faces, changing their facial features, fine-tuning the nose and chin, adjusting the position of the eyebrows and more.

The app has already won awards for the best app of the week on Gizmodo and has great reviews. In addition, it also allows its users to remove wrinkles ,make their teeth lighter and even take chicken feet out of their eyes! It’s free for Android and paid for iOS !

3. AirBrush

AirBrush is one of the best photo editing and embedding applications, easily entering our list of apps to change the face. Remove stains, lighten your smile and correct different imperfections in any photo.

In addition, the AirBrush is able to handle problems of low light, red eyes and also offers different stylized filters for your images. It’s free and is available for iOS and Android !

4. Perfect365

Still in the beautification category, Perfect365 is one of the best face-shifting apps. Apply makeup, leave your skin smoother, hide pimples and other imperfections so your pictures are perfect.

It is free and has more than 100 million users around the world. Including, Perfect365 has already won engineering and design awards from CES. Check out the app on your iOS or Android device !

5. Retouch Me: Body & Face Editor (iPhone)

Retourch Me is a very different application from the other options when it comes to embellishment and mounts. In it, you choose exactly what types of changes you want to make in your images and send your photo to a team of designs. These then apply the effects, changes and mounts requested and return your photo ready!

Different types of requests cost a varying number of stars (currency purchased through the application). And if the customer is not satisfied with the result, you can request that it be redone for free. Are you interested? Download it for iPhone !

6. The Walking Dead – Dead Yourself

Do you also follow the series The Walking Dead? How about turning into a zombie like those that appear in the episodes through the official application of the AMC itself. It has different options of scars, eyes, mouths and terrifying makeup.

Your creations can be automatically shared by Facebook, WhatsApp and various other social networks. Check it out for free for iOS and Android now !

7. Photo Lab Picture Editor FX (Android)

Photo Lab allows you to turn into animals or even drawings through photos. The application has more than 800 different special effects, among many other beautification features. Explore your stickers, filters, and make impressive assemblies.

It’s free, also offering a paid version that unlocks even more effects and additional mounts for more interested users. In addition, the Pro version is the only way to remove the watermark from your photos. It’s exclusive for Android, download it for the store !

8. Real Rage (Android)

Do you like memes? How about replacing your head and that of other people present in photos with realistic versions of  Rage Faces with Real Rage. It’s one of the funniest apps to change faces, allowing for funny creations and even you add texts, captions and more to create your own memes with real photos!

It’s completely free and has more than 1 million downloads on Google Play! Download it for Android !

9. Animal Faces – Face Swap

How about to become partially or completely a tiger, lion or other animals in your photos? Animal Faces allows users to adjust the level of intensity of the “transformation”, and can choose exactly which part they want to change, such as eyes, nose, mouth.

The app is very simple but has more than 50 different faces options and also allows you to take a photo and add your own pet as an option! Are you interested? It is available for Android !

10. Corpse Cam (iPhone)

What about turning into a ghost, alien, zombie, demon and other terrifying creatures? Corpse Cam is one of the best face-change apps available for iPhone. It’s also part of our list of weird camera apps !

Take a photo or use images from your smartphone’s gallery to make assemblies and share them with your contacts. The application is very easy to use. According to its description in the App Store, it is free for a limited time, run to download it !

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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