Learn how to remap the Android buttons

Shortcuts are a day-to-day task facilitator and keep you from wasting time. The tips below are valid only for those who have Android since Apple does not allow third-party apps to act on your system.

How to install Button Mapper

Button MapperFree

Learn how to remap the Android buttons

1. To begin, allow the Button Mapper application to access the accessibility framework of your phone.

2. Next, it will list the buttons on your device, which are usually the volume buttons and the headphone buttons. It is important to note that the power button cannot be remapped. If your device supports Active Edge, you may also have access.

3. To change the function of a button, select and choose which function to assign. Among the options are to go to the main screen, return a screen, open the last app, access the menu, take a screenshot and turn on the flashlight of your device. You can also mute your phone, skip music, change screen brightness and split it.

It is best that you can choose different answers for each of these buttons depending on whether they are pressed once or twice, or insured for a while. The Pro version allows you to access more options, plus the benefit of the pocket detector that leaves the buttons inactive when the phone is stored. To unlock these functions you must pay $ 9.99.

Buttons Remapper

Similar to Button Mapper, Buttons Remapper lets you customize the back, home, recent applications, menu, and camera buttons with a large list of possibilities. However, the double tap function does not work here, just one click and long click. The Premium version costs $ 3 and allows you to make key combinations.

Learn how to remap the Android buttons
Buttons Remapper Free

Other options to consider are Assistant Shortcuts if your device has a dedicated Google Assistant button to remap this specific button (some Samsung and LG devices do not work well with the app) and the Keyboard/Button Mapper, which has not yet been released but will allow you to connect keyboards.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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