How to recover deleted messages from Messenger

Messenger is one of the most used applications for the exchange of messages due to its integration with Facebook already load the list of friends automatically. Recently the program received a welcome feature, which is the possibility to delete a message sent to all participants of the conversation.

Although the new feature erases the original message, if you use an Android phone you can kill your curiosity and have access to the content that was removed. Here’s how to retrieve the content of messages that have been deleted in Messenger by Android.

How it works

To recover the content of a deleted message in Messenger requires that the notifications of the application in Android are enabled, since the program to be used below uses its history of notifications of the system to recover them.

In addition to the preliminary above, it is also necessary to say that you will only be able to recover the messages that were deleted after installing the application, that is, you will not be able to recover something that was removed before the process shown below.

How to recover deleted messages from Messenger

The application to be used in the tutorial is free and its configuration needs to be done only once so that it will work regardless of its number of contacts. Check out how to do:

  1. Go to Google Play and download the Notification History program;
  2. When opening the application, continue with the explanation of the first screen and click on “Grant”;
  3. In the open list, enable the “Notification History” button;
  4. Back in the application screen, grant the requested permission many times and continue until the end of the explanation of the operation of the program.

Now that the program is already configured, just follow these steps to see the missed Messenger notification:

  1. Open the application “Notification History” and touch the icon represented by “three lines”;
  2. Select the “Today” option or when you received the message and look for the notification in the list to see the content received.

Ready! Now even if you use the “delete for everyone” option in Messenger, you can retrieve the content of messages that have been deleted in the application.

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