5 Best Google Chrome alternate browser for Android

Chrome is Google’s official browser and comes pre-installed on all devices using the Android system, a convenient option for accessing internet sites. Despite this, new browser options appear on Google Play at all times, with some of them bringing many different extra features.

If you are already tired of using Google Chrome for some reason and looking for a new option, Tech Khiladi has prepared a list with some free alternative browsers that are available for use on Android. Next, find out more about these browsers to use them in place of Chrome.


The Opera browser has been around for a long time, being developed initially for computers. Arriving on Android, the browser surprised by the amount of features offered, in addition to being lighter than most competitors.

Your latest update, for example, brought the browser a native ad blocker with exceptions to sites and the long-awaited PiP mode so you can continue watching videos while doing other tasks. Its Beta version even counts with its own VPN, which is still in the testing phase.

Brave Browser

Concern over their data on the Internet is increasingly evident, since large companies like Facebook and Google have been involved in some controversy on this subject. The Brave Browser, in turn, is a browser that values the privacy of its users’ data.

To do this, it has some native functions that include an ad blocker, a pop-up blocker, tracking protections, and third-party cookies.

Opera Mini

In the first list option, you have checked the description of the Opera browser in its traditional version, but as you could see, there is also a version called Opera Mini, which also has to be mentioned in this list. It is suitable for less powerful cell phones and also for people who need to save on their data plan.

Although it sounds like a simpler browser, it is fully functional and does not show any type of incompatibility with more traditional websites.

Samsung Internet Browser Beta

Despite being developed by Samsung and follow the phones of the brand, this browser is available on Google Play for everyone. Featuring the Chrome engine, it features extra features that are welcome such as add-in support and a night theme.

If used with a device of the same brand, the number of unique features still increases, using a biometrics authentication system, Gear VR support and other options.

Microsoft Edge

While not being widely used on the computer, Microsoft’s browser in its version for Android brings some very interesting features. For example, when used in conjunction with Windows 10, you can resume access to sites from where you left off without having to manually open them one more time.

In addition, it also features a fully customizable news feed and a welcome mode to navigate with more privacy by excluding all browsing data at the end of its use.

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