How to invite a friend to a WhatsApp group with a link

Want to invite someone to a WhatsApp group? Of course, you can simply add people to groups (although this feature is counted down ), but if you’re not sure your buddy will like to be added, you can send an invitation to him to evaluate for membership on a group.

WhatsApp allows you to invite people to groups by generating a link that can be sent via ordinary messages. Wondering how to invite your friends? The Techkhiladi prepared a special article teaching how to do on Android. Check below:

Invite someone to a group via a link

First, let’s teach you how to send a link from a group to a friend. It is not difficult, but only administrators can generate the link to be distributed.

  • 1. In the WhatsApp application, open the group you want to invite someone to
  • 2. Scroll to the group information – touch its title at the top of the screen or search for “Group data” in the three-way menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • 3. Above the list of participants in the group, you will find the option “Invite via the link”. Touch it.
  • 4. Choose how you prefer to share the link: via WhatsApp’s message or another application on your mobile phone or choose to copy the link to paste elsewhere.

Ready! As soon as the other contact touches and accepts to join the group, a message will appear in the conversation informing that the person has been added via the link.

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