How much data does Google Stadia consume?

How much does Google Stadia consume? How many gigas does Google Stadia consume? Google Stadia how many gigas do you consume? How much does Google Stadia consume in the jig?

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Google Stadia how many gigas do you consume?

Here we are: Google Stadia was officially presented by Google on 6 June 2019 via a dedicated press conference. Finally, then we have all the information on price, availability, launch date, games, and features of Google Stadia, the Google cloud gaming service we talked about a few weeks ago in our preview:

Since the questions on Google Stadia are many and our goal is to respond to your doubts as precisely as possible, we have decided to dedicate a series of articles and posts to Google Stadia, in order to clarify all your doubts.

So let’s not get lost in small talk, let’s go straight to clarify doubts and questions about consumption in terms of jig from Google Stadia.

How much does Google Stadia consume in jig?

INTRODUCTION: Google Stadia has just been presented and it is not yet possible to make accurate and accurate tests. At the moment we only have available more or less precise estimates, which will be updated in the coming months. 

Are you interested in buying Google Stadia, but first you want to know how many giga of Internet you consume? Do you have an internet subscription on consumption and are you afraid to consume all the gigs of Internet using Google Stadia?

Let’s see how much it should consume, in terms of Internet gig, the use of Google Stadia. 

According to an analysis carried out by PC Gamer, Google Stadia will consume approximately 15.75 GB per hour for streaming in 4K.

Consequently, with a monthly 50GB data plan it will be possible to hypothetically play in streaming on the Stadia, at the highest possible resolution, for a total of about three hours a month provided there are no other data uses.

Below are the estimates made by PC Gamer based on a hypothetical 1TB data plan:

Approximately are required

15.75 GB per hour to play in 4K streaming

9 GB per hour at 1080p

4.5 GB per hour at 720p

With a 1 TB data plan  it will therefore be possible to play in 4K for a total of 65 hours per month , provided that there are no other data uses.

At 1080p and 60 FPS , it will reach 113 hours of streaming per month .

At least for now, on Internet connections at home, we have no jig limits, so this should not be a problem for us. It is however interesting to know how many gigabytes of Internet is consumed by Google Stadia during its use. 

If instead, you think of using Google Stadia on your smartphone on the move, or perhaps using your smartphone as a hotspot at home, then I suggest you read Google Stadia consumption carefully because you risk finding yourself without jig within a few hours.

Google Stadia pre-order

In the meantime, to deceive the wait, you point out that you can pre-order Google Stadia directly from the official site that you find below:

What is Google Stadia?

Just to refresh your memory, I would like to spend a few words on this platform, in order to clarify to everyone what it is and what it offers.

Google Stadia is a platform for streaming gaming: the games are running in Google’s data centers and are streamed to supported devices. Each server is equipped with a Custom AMD 10.7 teraflops GPU and a custom x86 processor with a 2.7GHz frequency. Multiple servers can be used for title execution, creating a multi-GPU system.
Google Stadia can be played initially on TV, desktop computer and laptop, Pixel tablet and smartphone-you will start with 3/3 XL and 3a / 3a XL. On the computer, it will be enough to open Chrome, on a smartphone, there will be a special app Stadia. On TV you will need a Chromecast Ultra. Google says it intends to expand to more form factors in the future, including other smartphone models.

Operation in the cloud relieves the user from the need to have powerful hardware to perform the titles:sufficiently fast internet connection is sufficient(approximately 10 Mbps for a 720p streaming).

The other big advantage: no downloads, no patches, no installation times.

As anticipated, you can play on Stadia with desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and, using Chromecast Ultra, with TV and any screen with HDMI input. It will be possible to use peripherals such as keyboards, mice, USB HID controllers or the Stadia Controller, which offers exclusive functions such as the dedicated Google Assistant button.

Games can be played initially up to the maximum 4K resolution at 60FPS, with HDRand surround sound.

The platform provides special functions to facilitate interaction with YouTube: among the many, it will be possible to quickly switch from the trailer of a game to the actual game and interact in real time with the YouTubers.

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