Having trouble with WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram? It is not only you

There are several users reporting problems in Facebook’s various applications, and it’s already known that when Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp have problems, everyone obviously notices and complains. So do not think it’s just the user who’s having trouble. The problem is general and in several countries of the world.

What’s happening in WhatsApp is that users can not send any sound messages, nor can they watch videos or images, and the image that appears is that “Download failed.” The same error message advises users to request that the image be resent. But that does not work either.

Having trouble with WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram? It is not the only

According to the website Down Detector, practically all services of Facebook are presenting problems, and at the time of this article, there already seems to be an indication of improvement.

On Facebook, there are already reports that the social network is already aware of the problem related to its services and working on its resolution, according to Reuters.

Unlike many other important services, WhatsApp does not maintain a status page to allow people to verify that their systems are online.

During this year, it is the third time that Facebook services have problems for several hours. The last time all three of Facebook’s top services struggled, the outage lasted for several hours. Later, the social network blamed the server that had a side effect on Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as Facebook, since all three use shared infrastructure.

When those problems happened in March, it was said that it was perhaps the biggest downtime in Internet history, reaching millions of people.

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