The 4 best Linux distributions to repair problems of your Windows PC

Know which are the best Linux distributions for you to fix the errors and recover files from a troubled PC

Most people use Windows to perform various day-to-day tasks, both for work and for leisure. Although the Microsoft operating system has undergone several improvements, you never know when you will have a problem caused by it or your hardware account.

If for some reason you ended up stuck outside the system, a good alternative to try to fix it or at least to recover your files is to use a Linux distribution, which can be run from a USB stick. Next, check out this list with four Linux distributions to fix your PC.


A very popular distribution for computer repair rests with Rescatux. Through it, you can solve various problems related to system boot, such as some parameter that does not let Windows or other Linux distribution be started.

The 4 best Linux distributions for you to repair problems of your PC with Windows

In addition to this function mentioned above, one more option that makes this Linux distribution stand out is that depending on the version of Windows you use, it is possible to reset the password, useful in case of forgetting. Finally, this distribution also has VLC, which can help you remotely access a notebook with a broken screen.

Clonezilla Live

The second option in this list is a distribution for those who want to be aware of errors. Being a distribution that runs from the pen drive, with it you can create a perfect copy of your HD, which can be used to restore it when a problem happens.

The 4 best Linux distributions for you to repair problems of your PC with Windows

Its only negative point is due to its interface, which, as can be seen in the images above, is used via text commands.


The most popular distribution for repairing computers is SystemRescueCD, and it’s no wonder. This distro ends up bringing useful tools to repartition HDs and even to recover files from damaged drives.

The 4 best Linux distributions for you to repair problems of your PC with Windows

In addition to them, inside your package are included some useful programs like a browser, which of course can be used to make the search for the error that is preventing you from using your computer.

Trinity Rescue Kit

The last option in this list, like SystemRescueCD, also brings a generous selection of machine repair tools that are having problems with Windows. Through it, it is possible to reset passwords and even run antivirus to remove threats that have entered your system.

The 4 best Linux distributions for you to repair problems of your PC with Windows

Although it has so many tools, as well as other tools displayed here, it’s against is its use, since its interface is all done in text.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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