Do not have Aadhaar card yet : Here’s how to apply for new in 2019

The Aadhaar Enrollment Service has been made available for free. Indian citizens can build base cards by visiting any close Aadhaar center. Users have to go to the center twice to build the card. Once to take the form and to submit forms and documents once. However, you can download the form online too. Here we are informing you how to build a Aadhaar by downloading the online form.

Apply online like this Aadhaar Card :

1. The user has to download the online registration form for registration. For this you can go to the link below.

2. Fill all information carefully after it is given in it. After this, you have to find the nearest support enrollment center.

3. People living in Tier I cities can get information about their nearest base center by following the link given below.

4. People who live in cities other than Tier I can get information about their nearest base center by visiting the link given below.

5. On the Aadhar Enrollment Center, the user has to give his form and all necessary documents like identity proof, address proof etc.

6. When all these documents are approved, then you have to record data such as biometrics such as fingerprint and iris scan. Photographs will also be taken at this time.

7. After submitting these, you will get an anonymity slip, which will have a 14 digit enrollment number. This number will be used to check the base card status.

8. When the Aadhar card is created then the user will be able to download it from the website of UIDAI.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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