Google Play Store: 10 new Android games that deserve to play this week

It’s time to look at the Google Play Store and see what’s new. Especially when it comes to games. The Google Play Store is a magical place and your smartphone is the wand.

There are millions of games to install in the Android application store, however, sometimes the offer is so much that we get lost among so many. That’s why we have several lists during the week.

We make the list of Premium Apps that are free, loved by users and new Apps that arrived in the Google Play Store. This is one of the last. That is, all the games here are new in the Android Apps store and the likelihood of them is very small.

We have at least one game you’re guaranteed to love. I played this on the old consoles. The “After Burner Climax” came to Android and is identical to what SEGA offered in the games of the consoles. An airplane fight that promises to cheer you up for a good time.

The “Nitro Nation Experiment” is also another game worth installing. A game of cars where the skill of your fingers will make you win a race.

But we have others worth looking at. The “Rugby League 19”, “Kick the Buddy: Forever” or even “John on Fire A Mans Cat Taken”. All of them different but with the goal of making you spend a good time.

Since here you are, do not forget to also install our Android application. One thing for sure, you’ll never lose our Playlists and Free Apps lists.

Games you really have to install and are free on the Google Play Store

Required application on your Android

After Burner Climax

Spin Up!

Nitro Nation Experiment

Safari Chef

Ground Up Construction

John on Fire A Mans Cat Taken 

Rugby League 19

Kick the Buddy: Forever

Arena Stars: Battle Heroes

In short, these games should leave you entertained for quite a while. Personally, the SEGA game has come to give more color to my day. As a huge fan of this type of games, it is good to see that SEGA increasingly values the Android platform.

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