10 signs that shows if someone is spying your Phone and protect yourself

With the wide range of applications and attacks that are known, it is important to know whether our equipment is being spied on or not. It is necessary to take security measures, protect our personal data and our privacy.

There are sometimes ignored signs to see if the phone may be over spying or infected with malware. It damages the performance, and more serious, may use our data illegally and possible sale to unknown entities.

1. Presence of unwanted applications

We get used to the applications and shortcuts of our mobile phone and we have applications that are more used than others. Therefore, it is normal for us to ignore the rest not used.

We should be aware of the presence of a new application that has not been installed by us.

2. Draining the battery

It may be a background usage indicator. The infected application acts invisibly and the detection can be done when we analyze the wear of our battery. There is a huge loss over a period of time when the phone has not been used, or the unloading has not been uniform and suffered abnormal losses.

3. Strange Texts and Pop-ups

Who has never received a strange SMS, an unusual pop-up and simply ignored? This is one of the most obvious signs that we can have our mobile phone infected. Of course, the receipt of a strange SMS implies that we are being attacked, but we can not ignore it.

The most obvious case is the intrusive pop-ups while using the mobile phone, without us using the Internet browser. In that case, we should immediately take care of and understand the origin of the problem.

4. Mobile data consumption above normal

When we are infected, the hacker remotely sends the monitored information to your computer. For this, you need an Internet connection and an abnormality in the use of our mobile data may signal that something is not right.

Keep you informed and sporadically look for the general use of your mobile data. You can easily access this information from the settings.

5. Equipment malfunction

New equipment and flagships are equipped with very powerful hardware and software. Nowadays any mobile phone can perform several functions simultaneously without any notice of a lock or delay in the response of the equipment.

If you notice a sudden break in the good functioning of the mobile phone we should try to understand the reason and suspect possible control and monitoring of the equipment.

6. Overheating of the device

Overheating can occur for several reasons. The attacker may be accessing our location and this implies that GPS operation will overheat the equipment. When the phone is idle, no use, no updates running in the background and we realize that the device is too hot for no apparent reason.

Of course with the protective cover, it is more difficult to perceive the temperature of the phone, but it will be one of the most alarming indicators. It is not normal for a device to heat up without being used.

7. Abnormal noise on the call

In the past, the lines suffered many interferences and background noise, nowadays the signal is stronger and the connections are more stable. It is not normal for us to hear static sounds, overlapping voices or even strange noises.

Not easy to detect, just be near a microwave, a router or any other equipment that is composed of electromagnetic fields and we can notice some interference.

Device terminates/restarts without prior notice

It is not normal for equipment to shut down without warning, it may even be a software or hardware problem, but it is one of the signs that shows a possible attack on the equipment. A stranger will be if the device stays off for long minutes without being able to power it on.

9. Equipment takes too long to shut down

Like a computer, when the shutdown instruction is given, the active processes are terminated and shut down by definitive. The same happens on mobile phones, and when the shutdown process takes longer than usual, it means that there are ongoing processes.

If it is normal for the device to take some time to shut down, it is not a reason for the alert. If it is unusual to be delayed, it could be a spy software data transmission process.

10. Browser History

Abnormal activity, unsolicited websites found in our history may indicate that our equipment may be infected. Someone may have opened a link that included the infected application and if we find the source will be much easier to remove.

Tips for removing spyware

Reset the device (Factory Reset)

It’s the easiest and quickest way to get rid of all the unwanted content and applications on our device. Just go to the settings and reset the device to factory settings. We warn you that by opting for this method all the contents of the device will disappear. Can be made on iOS and Android.

Update the device

This may be a solution because, with the upgrade, the spy application will not be compatible with the new version and if the system recognizes the software, it will remove it. Additionally, the new update will fix errors and implement improvements for the user.

Manually delete the spy application

It’s a harder, harder, but possible option. In the settings of our device, we can find all installed applications, remove them and make changes.

Sometimes the spy application is camouflaged and may have a different name. We should pay close attention to the list of applications and realize the functionality of each.

Get an anti-virus

Nowadays, numerous tools are provided for our devices, we should have the application installed and carry out an advanced threat scan. These applications can easily be found in official device stores.

Changing passwords

We must change our passwords in a timely manner, that is, occasionally the change must be made to prevent loss of personal data. In addition, we must define the passwords in favor of their importance, so if one of the accounts is compromised, it will not affect the others.

Do not install applications from unknown sources

Nowadays, there are many alternatives to official equipment stores, but we should pay attention when installing an application from an unknown source. We do not know if the application is reliable and could be infected.

In external sources, there is no application threat checking.

Attention to app permissions

Typically, when we install a new app, we’re notified that it is necessary to give access to certain features and services. We should not accept, without reading, or understand why the application requires such permission.

After following this tutorial, you will know if your phone is being spied on or is infected. That way, you know what action to take, future prevention and how to take care of removing infectious applications.

If you want some secure messaging application with restricted access, you can use Telegram, Wickr or Signal. There are more applications, but these are the best known.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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