Getting messages of Windows 10 will expire : How to fix

The Windows Insider Preview program allows users to become Microsoft developers to test new Windows 10 features. No, Microsoft does not pay you anything, but you will have access to new features before everyone else and can send messages to the company saying if there was an error and can also give suggestions for improvements.

The problem is that the builds of the versions may expire and you end up getting the nasty message “Your Windows license expires soon.” Here’s how to solve it.

What happens when a version of Windows 10 expires?

Each version of Windows 10 insider preview has a number, called build. And every build has an expiration date. But the Windows build that expires is only one that is unstable.

The explanation for this is quite simple: if the build version is stable, the next update will be installed from above and everything will be fine. But if it is unstable, for security, only a new one can be installed. Therefore, every time an unstable build has been installed, the user receives the message “Your Windows license expires soon.”

This message appears two weeks before the date to expire. If the user does nothing until it expires, Windows will no longer be up to date, and will not initialize almost any service. It is necessary, then, to update Windows necessarily, since the update of an unstable version will not be made automatically. The good news is that there is a simple solution.

Windows 10: How to install a new stable version of without using Windows update

If you are still with Build outdated and are already receiving expiration notices, Windows Update is probably not performing the installation automatically. And to resolve this behavior, download the latest build ISO file from that link from Microsoft. But be warned: do this before the date expires, otherwise, you will have to format the HD to do the installation and you will have to have the Windows access key. Generally, this key is on a label of the PC you purchased.

After the download is complete, double-click the ISO file to mount it, and then the installation process will start. You must be wondering why so much bureaucracy to do the update. Again, the explanation is simple: Windows is a paid system and all this is to ensure that there will be no piracy.

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