How to customize Android navigation bar with animated effects

The Android navigation bar – those three buttons at the bottom of the smartphone – is one of the trademarks of the Google operating system. But anyone who thinks they can not customize that section is wrong.

There are a number of apps on Google Play that give more color, effects, or animations to the navigation bar if you’re using an Android where these buttons are on the screen, such as Motorola, LG, Sony, and Quantum cell phones.

If this is your case, check out three applications that serve to give a new face to your phone’s navigation buttons.

1. Navbar Apps

This is the least subtle option on the list. Navbar Apps is for anyone who wants to change the fixed look of the navigation bar. Download it from Google Play by clicking here.

You can change the color of the bar as you want, leaving a fixed color or a responsive color, which changes according to the application used at the time. You can also insert a battery meter, which highlights how much power there is left in your cell phone with a colored bar.

You can also insert a background art or leave it full of emoji. Some more complex options, however, are only available in the paid version.

2. NavBar Animations

This app allows you to add animations to the navigation bar that start every time you touch one of the buttons. The download can be made by Google Play clicking here.

With NavBar Animations, simply choose one of several options that come in the app to program an animation that starts every time you touch the start button, for example. Some options, however, are only available in the paid version.

3. Muviz

For those who like music and miss the screen breaks of the old Windows Media Player, Muviz is the ideal request. Click here to download it from Google Play.

Muviz lets you add an animation to the navigation bar that starts whenever the app detects that you are listening to some music. The animation follows the rhythm of the song and works on both Spotify and YouTube.

You can choose whether or not the animation is above the bar. Just like the other apps on the list, this one also has more complete options for those who want to pay. Also, it is worth noting that the animation can start with a few seconds of delay in relation to the music that accompanies it.

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