File Manager iPhone: Here are the best

Here is the list of best apps to explore iPhone folders. iPhone file manager: how to explore folders and iPhone content easily

File Manager iPhone: here are the best

iPhone File Manager

In this article, we will see together the best file managers on the iPhone to manage files and shares. These apps will allow you to organize downloads, transfer files to PC, protect files, etc.

Are you looking for programs to explore iPhone? Are you looking for the best file manager for iPhone? You’re in the right place!

We have tried and selected for you the best file managers for iPhone, the programs that allow you to explore files and folders on your smartphone easily, for free and without Jailbreak.

Thanks to these programs you can easily explore iPhone folders, create new folders, move them, edit them, change and move files within them. But in reality, these programs will offer you a lot. much more!

Explore iPhone content

As you surely know, iOS (iPhone operating system) does not allow you to browse through folders freely, as you would on any other computer with Windows, macOS or Android device. 

Concretely, users in possession of an iPhone cannot see the files inside the device, move them, delete them or rename them freely as there is no real file manager, a tool to manage iPhone files freely.

Of course, I know that on iOS there is an app called File to manage the files, the problem is that this program works mainly as an interface to create folders on iCloud and is not a real file manager. For example, this app DOES NOT allow you to enter the iPhone file system,  as it does not allow you to create, modify or move other folders. In short, it is a very limited app and almost useless from my point of view.

So I worked hard and looked for alternative programs to iFile for iPhone, applications that allow you to organize internet downloads, transfer files to a PC, protect private files with passwords and open files on cloud services like Dropbox.

After trying so many, I selected the best file managers currently available for iPhone. 

As already anticipated, obviously the file managers for iPhone are more limited than those present on Windows and Android PCs (due to the limitations of iOS), but with these programs, you will still be able to better manage the files you download directly to iPhone and organize them in a way intelligent.

Having said that, without wasting any more time, let’s see what are the best file managers available for iOS. 

iPhone file manager

Here are the best programs we’ve selected for you:

  • FileGet: the most recent and also the simplest to use. It’s free, powerful and complete. Thanks to an integrated browser, it also allows you to download files of any type directly on the iPhone quickly and easily. Absolutely to have!
  • File manager Free: another free and very powerful file manager for iPhone that allows you to directly open images, audio, video, PDF, Word documents, Excel, ZIP, RAR and more. It offers full support for all Office documents, which can be opened directly from the program. It integrates with various cloud services (Dropbox, OneDrive and others). Offers an integrated music player. It allows you to copy, move and zip multiple files. Allows you to transfer files from iPhone to Mac / PC using WiFi. It has an internal search engine. It allows you to sort files based on various parameters and share them via email, Bluetooth or social networks. Really powerful!
  • MyMedia: this program is also super powerful and complete, very similar to the previous one. Allows you to natively open files of all formats (Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, pdf, txt, htm, html, rtf), it handles ZIP and RAR files without problems, allows you to exchange files with PC / Mac using iTunes, has a integrated audio and video player, can be locked or password protected.
  • File Manager App also in this case we are dealing with a powerful and complete program. Not only does it allow you to better organize files and documents on the iPhone, but it manages ZIP archives, allows you to copy files, move documents, create folders, rename files or send them via email. It offers full support for all Office and PDF documents, but also for images and web files
  • File Master: this program is also very powerful, complete and similar to those we have already discussed. In addition to the features we have already seen in other programs, this also allows you to transfer files from your computer to iPhone in just a few clicks and in an extremely easy way via WiFi or Bluetooth connection. Among other features, it allows you to create new folders, copy, cut, paste, delete operations, import photos / videos from the system album, take private photos or videos inside the app, play audio and video in many formats, protect apps and folders with passwords, open documents of any type and format (word/excel/ppt/pdf/txt/page/ number/HTML /jpeg/epub/chm/tif /tga/xbm), manage ZIP archives and much more yet.
  • FileApp : very similar to other apps, with particular focus on document management
  • Total Downloader Free: free, but with a full paid version, it offers various features such as integration with the “Files” app of iOS 11 for all connected clouds, in read/write mode; Dropbox, GDrive, OneDrive, iCloud support; advanced search among all the contents of the archive, both local and on connected clouds; compression (zip) and decompression (zip & rar) of any file; PDF reader with the possibility of drawing annotations, forms and handwriting directly on the file; Microsoft Office support; simultaneous management of multiple Cloud accounts and sharing with other users; Multi-Tab browser with Bookmarks and History; possibility of creating folders and sub-folders in the archive; PIN protection for folders; browser with navigation in private mode.Recommended. 

Others to try:

I am sure that, among the many programs offered, you will find the one that’s right for you!


So, among the many that we have proposed in the list, which one did you choose a file manager for iPhone?

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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