How to find fastest DNS to speed up your Internet on Android

When accessing a website before it is opened, there is a process of your connection accessing a DNS server, which is responsible for interpreting its IP address. Although you do not see this step actually taking place, using a good DNS server can make your internet connection more stable and even faster.

Here’s how to find out the best DNS and how to set it up on Android.

How to do DNS Testing

Unfortunately, Android does not have a native tool to perform speed tests on DNS servers. However, there are good options in Google Play for this task. Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Go to Google Play and download the DNS Speed Test application.
  2. When opening it for the first time, continue with the explanation of how it works.
  3. At the end of the explanation, touch the “refresh” icon and wait for the test to take place. Write down the DNS server IP faster.

In addition to the DNS already pre-defined by the program, you can also add other servers to the tests. To do this, simply touch the icon represented by a “+” sign and enter the requested information.

Setting the best DNS on Android

Once you have performed the DNS test, the program used above does not bring an option to already apply your configuration. Therefore, it is necessary to manually change the DNS for Android. Check out how this step is done:

  1. After you have noted the IP addresses of the best servers, open the Android Settings screen and go to “Connections”;
  2. Click “Wi-Fi” and then tap and hold on the active connection until the “Manage network settings” option appears;
  3. Check the option “Show advanced options” and change the “DHCP” option to “Static”;
  4. Change the “DNS” fields to the IPs you wrote down in the program and click “Save”;
  5. After performing this process, it is recommended to disable and re-enable the Wi-Fi connection.

Ready! Now you have the fastest DNS configured and ready to use on your Android phone.

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