5 apps to optimize and compress photos on your Android phone

Sometimes or even at most times, we want to keep photos on the cell phone because they came out very good, and we want to show friends, family. And to streamline the process, we do not want to leave it alone in Google Photos.

The fact is that we accumulate lots of photos while using the smartphone in the day to day and they end up taking up a lot of space. Fortunately, there are applications that allow you to optimize and compress these images. We leave here the tip with 5 of them so that you gain good extra MBs in the memory of your cell phone.

There will be no great difference in quality, since the technique is mainly based on the elimination of metadata not used by the image. In many cases, at first glance, the appearance is the same, and for many of its uses, the low quality loss will be offset by the reduction in the file size obtained.

JPEG Optimizer

JPEG Optimizer is a very simple application that takes good care of the aesthetics of the photo. You can choose the quality level, reduce the noise and choose the specific resolution for which we want to transform the photo. It also allows you to select multiple photos, compress them and save them to a compressed file (Zip format).

Download JPEG Optimizer

Photo Compress 2.0

Another very popular application is Photo Compress 2.0, which has a free version without ads and allows you to reduce up to ten images at a time. The paid version ($ 2,50) does not impose quantity limit. There are also basic editing tools: to crop, compress, and share photos.

Download Photo Compress 2.0

Photo Resizer

This application allows you to reduce the size of one or multiple photos without having to manually save all the reduced images as they are automatically saved to a separate folder called “Pictures / PhotoResizer”, which can be accessed in the Image Gallery of your device. Once resized, your images can be emailed or shared on your favorite social networks.

Download Photo Resizer

Reduce Photo Size

This application is very simple to use, for more complex than its apparent interface. We choose the image, adjust the reduction percentage, or directly resolve and accept. It does not have much mystery and it is translated in several languages, chosen from the menu of the app.

Download Reduce Photo Size

Cram – Reduce

Cram is an application that promises to reduce the photo size by up to 60% without affecting resolution and maintaining the same quality levels. Allows to compress up to 300 photos, although with a purchase inside the app ($ 6.99) we can eliminate this limit. Although it gives a lot of information on the screens, it works very well.

Cram Download

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