Instagram: Now Facebook Fact Checkers will also work on Instagram posts

Fake news, conspiracy theories, and misinformation are not just problems for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. They are also very common on Instagram (and other social networks). While Instagram has been working to reduce the reach of fake messages, as of this week, it will receive an important update in this regard. Soon, the Fact Checkers partners that Facebook has established to help with this issue will also start doing work on Instagram.

Posts that are considered false will not be removed, but will not appear in the browse area or in the hashtag result pages, for example.”Our approach to disinformation is the same as Facebook, when we find disinformation, instead of removing it, we will reduce the self-awareness.

Since the US elections, Instagram already has to work a team integrated into the news feed of Facebook. When images with false information are found on Facebook, the company’s image recognition technology can also search them on Instagram. Of course, there are plenty of fake messages on Instagram that do not appear on Facebook, and vice versa, however, now questionable Instagram posts will be tagged and sent directly to Facebook Fact Checkers, which in theory will allow a strong fight against Fake News.

Instagram is also considering adding pop-ups that appear when people seek misinformation, such as content against vaccination. However, this may not be enough, but it is certainly a step in that direction, and at least users will not be able to claim that they have not been warned.

This news comes after Facebook and Instagram banned extreme right-wing extremists like Alex Jones who were promoting violence and hatred. While Instagram was spared some of the content issues, Facebook does not, of course, the company is trying to take a stronger stand against hate and misinformation on both platforms.

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