The 11 best virtual reality apps for Android and iPhone

Virtual reality technology is one of the most impressive of the decade. Thanks to devices such as Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift, it is possible to immerse in virtual worlds much more easily than PC simulation games, for example. In addition to the games made with the technology, there are several types of virtual reality applications that you can install on your Android or iPhone.

These applications span multiple categories, ranging from apps to watch movies and series or applications that use technology as a new way of telling stories.

Let’s talk about them throughout the articles as we showcase the 11 virtual reality applications for Android and iPhone. So put your VR device in the charger and get ready to test some of the apps we are going to show below!

Virtual Reality Applications # 1 – YouTube VR

The largest video platform in the world is also available on virtual reality glasses. Without too many differences to the original app, you will have access to the platform content.

The big advantage is in panoramic videos. With technology, you can turn your head to see the surroundings of these videos, making the experience much more realistic.

YouTube VR is only available on Android. Click the link to download it.

# 2 – Google Cardboard

If you’ve already enjoyed watching videos in virtual reality, then Google Cardboard is your next step. The app brings everything the original Google Earth brings, but this time it will be as if you are flying anywhere in the world you choose.

The app will allow you to see landmark historical and sights, such as the pyramids of Egypt or the American Grand Canyon. Remember that the app offers a virtual tour guide that will clear your doubts about these landmarks.

Click the link to download the Google Cardboard app.

# 3 – Google Street View

If Cardboard offers the expansive Google Earth experience, Google Street View will make you feel like you’re walking the streets of any city you choose to visit.

No wonder he’s on the list of the best virtual reality apps. Google Street View is one of the most interesting and totally different experiences we’re used to in the standard version of the app.

Google Street View can be downloaded for Android and iPhone, and VR mode is enabled in the app itself.

# 4 – Littlstar VR

Littlstar can be considered a kind of YouTube specialized in virtual reality. While in the YouTube app you can watch any video, Littlstar content is optimized for VR devices.

In your collection, you can find special content created by large channels such as Discovery, Fox and National Geographic, among other productions of large, medium and small content producers.

Download the Littlstar VR on your Android or iPhone.

Virtual Reality Applications # 5 – Daydream

While Google Cardboard takes care of small virtual reality apps that do not require so much of your smartphone or tablet, DayDream is the robust version that brings apps that require more from your device.

Not all devices are compatible as Daydream. The applications found in its range from high-quality video views, games or immersion experiences, among others. Click the link to download Daydream on your Android.

# 6 – Inception

Another platform of experiences in virtual reality. Inception also focuses on videos. For example, through it, you can browse through a virtually art gallery or adventure games.

Lately, the platform has invested in music clips, using everything that virtual reality technology can offer.

The best of everything? It’s available on both Android and iPhone!

# 7 – Within

This content platform for Google Cardboard also offers a variety of experiences. You can use the app to navigate fantastic realms, explore historical points or even know the universe of series like Mr. Robot, among others.

Other possibilities are to accompany cooking shows as if you were in the kitchen of the program or to update on the news of the world of technology.

The platform can be used on Android or iPhone.

# 8 – Fulldive

Operating as a virtual reality application store, Fulldive’s collection involves all kinds of experiences with technology. In addition to consuming content, you can take panoramic photos or record VR videos through the app’s camera software.

See what Fulldive can offer when downloading the app through Google Play or App Store.

Virtual Reality Applications # 9 – Netflix VR

Have you ever thought of watching your favorite Netflix shows in virtual reality? The biggest streaming service in the world has thought of this and is setting the stage with Netflix VR.

At the moment, you can just enter a virtual cinema room and watch the content in a static way. But the company’s plans are to include content built specifically for virtual reality technology, where you’ll be embedded in the series, just as if you were a camera operator.

Download the Netflix VR app on your Android.

The British newspaper has a number of interesting content in virtual reality and, even in English, is worth checking. Among the virtual reality applications, The Guardian VR is one of those who brings more diverse stories.

One of the most striking experiences, for example, is the “6 × 9”, which attempts to simulate the reality of those living in solitary confinement. The Guardian VR is available on Android or iPhone.

# 11 – Google Expeditions

There’s no denying that Google has invested heavily in its virtual reality applications. Google Expeditions is an app that, unlike most, is geared toward the education industry.

It uses the immersion provided by technology to take students to historical parks. During the virtual tour, the teacher serves as a type of tour guide, passing the content that must be worked.

In this way, the students learn “up close”, allowing greater familiarity and ease with the matter in question. Google Expeditions can be used on both Android and iOS.

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