EA is working on a mobile version for Apex Legends

Electronic Arts released its quarterly financial results, and, unsurprisingly, Apex Legends was a great success. According to EA, the game developed by Respawn is “easily the fastest growing franchise we’ve ever had.” Not surprisingly, EA said it is bragging about bringing PC gaming and console to mobile platforms. “We are in advanced negotiations to bring Apex Legends to China and the mobile,” the company said during the announcement of the results.

Unfortunately, it is the only information released on the subject, as several media have asked for comments to Electronic Arts that did not comment, but clearly, EA is looking to keep pace with its biggest competitors: Fortnite and PUBG. Both games are available on mobile devices, although they use different strategies.

EA is working on a mobile version for Apex Legends

Fortnite is essentially the same experience on all platforms, including mobile, while PUBG has a separate version called PUBG Mobile. Both games are big hits: since last December, the mobile version of PUBG had as many players as all Fortnite, according to data about 200 million.

The Apex Legends do not dethrone Fortnite, however, the initial success of the new game sounded the alarms as they quickly got millions of players, as well as well-known gamers, began streaming the game live. However, it is also true that some data released recently have pointed to a large decrease of players in Apex Legends.

Returning to Apex Legends for the mobile world, there is no word on when this will happen, nor what strategy will follow, if equal to the Fortnite that offers the same experience of gaming on the computer and mobile equipment, or a separate version, as both PUBG and PUBG Mobile. However, certain is that EA is betting strong to maintain the initial momentum of the game. “We are very excited about the future of Apex Legends,” the company said.

Last month, A Respawn said it planned to continue to update the game with seasonal updates, “focusing on the quality of content about the novelty.” This followed criticism of the slow upgrades compared to Fortnite, which updates its game in an incredibly fast way. “We want to keep our culture as a development team and avoid the crisis that can quickly lead to burnout or worse,” said Apex executive producer Drew McCoy.

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