Dropbox: Now transfer files of upto 100 GB online

The platform lets you send copies of large files directly to anyone, other than cloud-based collaboration with the company already offering.

Dropbox has gained a new file-sharing option. The company announced the Dropbox Transfer, which lets you send copies of large files up to 100 GB. The proposal is different from the collaborative cloud-based transfer that the platform has been offering for years.

With Transfer, a single file or a set of them up to 100GB can be shared to anyone, even those without Dropbox account. The ability is a big leap over the size limit for attachments in the email.

When the files are ready for upload, the platform itself creates a sharing link or an automatic email with access to the content. The service sends copies of the files and the originals remain under the control of the issuer.

The new service also offers options for protecting uploaded files. Transfer links may have a password to protect the download, and you can set an access expiration date. In addition, the user can configure the platform to be notified when the document is received and downloaded by the recipient, as well as track how many times the link has been accessed.

Corporate Transfer Accounts can also customize the background image of the download page. Dropbox is also intended to include support for adding logo and personalization of the download link.

Dropbox Transfer is in beta and users can participate in the tests by registering on the platform page. It is expected to air soon for everyone, but Dropbox did not provide more details about the service launch forecast.

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