Dr.Fone – Erase: the alternative to iTunes to delete and reset the iPhone

Wondershare has a free iTunes alternative that you can use to manage your iPhone data. With Dr.Fone-Erase you can re-install the operating system and recover the phone, delete files from an iPhone or make backups of applications such as WhatsApp or Viber.

The application can be downloaded from the Wondershare site and can be installed on a Mac or a Windows PC. Then just connect the iPhone via USB to the computer to have access to eight tools that will help us manage the phone.

For each of them open a mini app in the Mac dock (if you are using macOS, such as nodes) where we can do a series of actions that will help manage iOS and clear the iPhone cache. Here they are:

1 – Retrieve:

With this function, Dr.Fone recovers the system from a backup that you have on your phone, iTunes or iCloud, just choose the source you want.

2 – Transfer:

You can transfer multimedia content from your computer directly to your iPhone (and vice versa), such as music, videos, photos, apps, and files.

3 – Repair:

it is a good way to bring back to life an iPhone that is giving a lot of problems, such as the white or black screen, for example. With this feature, Dr.Fone updates iPhone to the latest iOS after repair.

4 – Clean:

it is one of the functions that we liked in Dr.Fone because it allows deleting files or contents that we do not need to free up space on the iPhone. But it is also possible to clear private data or even clear all data from the phone.

5 – Migrate:

want to pass all your information from one iPhone to the other easily and quickly? So this is the option you have to choose. For this, you have to connect the source phone oo to the computer, via USB.

6 – Backup and Restore:

As the name implies, this option gives us the ability to back up the iPhone, with all music, photos, apps, and other files. Then we can use it to set up a new iPhone.

7 – Unlock:

forgot your iPhone pin? No problem, because Dr.Fone has a tool that solves this. However, you have to keep in mind that to do this, the app will format your phone and reinstall iOS.

8 – Social App Restore:

This is a good choice for anyone who is a messaging application such as WhatsApp or Viber (and is still compatible with Line, Kik, and Wechat). Here we can transfer, restore and back up messages from one phone to another.

Although this is an iPhone-targeted app, you can also use Android smartphones with Dr.Fone. This will be useful for, for example, using the Social App Restore functionality to download WhatsApp messages from iOS to Android, and vice versa. Where we can use this dual compatibility is also with the Migrardr feature, to send files from one phone to the other.

One of the good features of Dr.Fone – Erase is to explain in detail how these different management capabilities of the iPhone are processed: each of these eight tools comes with instructions for use in steps so that we do nothing without knowing what to do next, something that iTunes does not do. You can also see a usage guide here.

Dr.Fone – Erase is, therefore, the ideal app for users who want to get the most out of their iPhone, but who do not feel too comfortable to use complicated software that can corrupt iOS data. On the contrary, we have here a simple software to use, with a neat and well-designed interface, which makes its operation very simple.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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