How to enable the dark theme of Google App on Android

Google’s search application on Android won a dark theme, which has been disabled. Here’s how to use it!

When using a mobile with Android, you automatically have access to various Google services thanks to applications that are pre-installed on the device. Many of them recently have gained a dark mood, which is ideal so that has the habit of tinkering at night to not force their sight.

In fact, one of the last apps to win this mode was Google’s own search app, which does not come with the feature turned on by default. Here’s how to enable Google’s dark mode on Android.

Turning on dark mode for the Google app

For now, this new dark mode of the Google application is only available for devices with Android, without predictions of when it can reach the iOS (iPhone system). Check how to enable it:

  1. Go to Google Play and make sure Google is up to its latest version;
  2. Now, open the Google app and touch “More”, which has its icon represented by “three points”;
  3. Go to “Settings” and go to “General”;
  4. Scroll down the screen, go to “Dark Theme” and select one of the options. If you do not have Android Pie, choose the “Always” option.

Back in the app’s home screen, the dark theme of Google should already be turned on. So just start your searches.

Ready! Now, you already know how to activate the dark theme of Google on Android to search with it.

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