How to download Windows Calculator for iOS, Android and web

Earlier this year, more precisely in March, Microsoft decided to make the source code available for one of its most popular and used applications, the Windows calculator. The release was intended for developers to work on new features for the application, and this process is already beginning to reap its first fruits: the Windows calculator has just won versions for iOS, Android and a version that works directly on the web.

Uno Platform

Uno Platform is an open source cross-platform that allows Universal Platform UWP applications to run on non-Windows platforms, responsible for Android, iOS and web versions. “Platform One is being developed in C# to be able to make the Calculator available on iOS, Android and web assembly,” say its creators.

The versions of the application are still in the testing phase, but can now be downloaded. To install the Android version, just go to the Play Store; the web version can be used by accessing the platform page; already for iOS users, it is necessary to first install Test Flight the whole process can be performed on this page.

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