WhatsApp tests status sharing feature with other social networks

The appeal has been available since last Wednesday (26). The idea is that with a simple touch, the user can share their status on Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos and even Gmail.

WhatsApp is testing a feature that allows its users to share their application statuses to others like Facebook, Instagram, Gmail or even Google Photos. The idea is that with a single tap the status of WhatsApp is shared on other social networks.For those who do not know, WhatsApp Status is very similar to Instagram Stories. It is a feature that allows the user to take photos, edit them, post them and they are available for 24 hours.The discussion now is: since the applications are connected, will the user data also be shared along with the photos? According to WhatsApp, The application claims that even with the direct link, Wpp accounts and other applications will not be linked. This is because WhatsApp uses the same iOS and Android sharing APIs from other applications, which implies that data is only transferred between the apps on the device. >WhatsApp status allows the user to share 24-hour photos with contacts.

In addition, WhatsApp was emphatic in saying that even if the user shares information with another Facebook application such as Instagram, the posts will be separated in the company system.

The idea is that the user chooses to share on more than one network for this the app did not offer the option of automatic sharing, as it exists in other social networks.

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