Best methods to download paid android apps and games for free in 2019

Download free Android app: the updated guide to 2019. Here are the best alternatives to Aptoide to download paid apps for free and games on Android

How to download free Android app in 2019

APK File Download Free Android: the best sites

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, I’m sure you’ve tried at least once on Google a way to download APK files of games, apps and programs for free, even when talking about apps that are usually paid on the Play Store.

I’m not wrong, are you?

And if you’ve arrived at this article you’re probably new to the Android world and you’re looking for some site or portal that allows you to download free cracked apps or games for Android. 

Well, today you are particularly lucky, because in this article we have collected the best existing sites to download APK files of apps, games and programs for Android smartphones and tablets.  

In the list below you will not find 200 sites, also because I think it is better to put a few sites but updated, without viruses, without malware and without threats, rather than make a list of 200 portals without having even tried or tested them.

That said, here are all the solutions you currently have available to download free APK files on Android and to download cricket apps or games for Android. 

Evaluate all the solutions we have collected in this article and choose the site/service that is right for you.

The legal solution

The first solution that I point out to you is the SECURELY LEGAL, represented by some websites that allow you to download APK files for free but only for apps and games that are already free on the Play Store. 

They are very convenient solutions to download APK files manually, to be used when maybe your device does not find the app of your interest on the Play Store or if you need to download previous or old versions of a specific program for Android.

The sites that I recommend in this case are:

  • Apkpure: is the most famous website to download free APK for Android. Inside you will find APK files of all free Android apps, but NOT those of paid apps or games. If you are looking for the APK file of a free program for Android, you will find it on this site, including the older versions
  • APKMirror: is an alternative to the portal we have just talked about. Also here you will find APK files of all free Android apps, to be downloaded for free and in a few clicks on your computer, smartphone or tablet

The unethical solution

If you want to download free APK app files, games and programs that are normally paid on the Play Store, here are the solutions that you point out.

Use them at your own risk, assuming all the responsibilities of the case. I limit myself to reporting some portals, applications and services that are easily found with a normal search on Google, with the difference that I add some personal consideration. 

  • Aptoide: is one of the most widespread solutions to download free apps and games on Android. Personally it does not make me crazy because, if you’re not careful, you risk running into viruses, malware and other threats. But actually Aptoide works well and allows you to find almost any app or game in APK for Android, including games with MOD, HACK and active tricks
  • it is an always updated website, full of applications and programs for Android to download for free. Very well stocked, you will find really everything to download for free
  • a site very similar to the previous one for graphics and functions. You will find apps, games and programs with active MOD and HACK to download in a few clicks
  • a completely free forum, which requires only a free and fast registration. It allows you to download apps and programs for Android, but also many modified games (endless money, endless lives and much more.) Personally it is the solution that I prefer because it is one of the most updated and safe portals. post you will know immediately if a specific app or game works or has problems. Wanting you can pay a subscription of about 20 dollars per year to directly download APK files on your smartphone or Android tablet, without having to go every time for file hosting sites, that are often full of advertisements and allow you to download files at really low speeds
  • very similar to Aptoide, but definitely safer and more reliable. There is also an app to download and install on Android to make the download procedure even easier, more convenient and faster
  • Panda Helper: this is also very similar to Aptoide, but personally I prefer it. Simple to use, free, very updated, very well stocked, full of apps, games and programs in APK format to download for free directly on your smartphone or Android tablet. I recently discovered it, but I think it is very valid

For this new guide we have concluded.

Do you know other solutions to download apps, games and programs for free on Android?

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