How to make a fake call with celebrities voice on Android

Do you want to make some fun with your friends? Well here’s how to make a fake call by personalizing the caller with maybe Trump or some famous actress on Android

How to make a fake call on Android

How to make a fake call on Android

Android allows you to go to work in practice on all the aspects of our device that is a smartphone or a tablet. There are also many applications to play with our smartphone, but those to make fake calls are among the most popular and friendly.

The applications are many but we have selected the best that allow you to start a fake call on Android, selecting them from the Play Store. All work well but Fake Call, the first of the list that you find at the bottom of the page, is the one that has been downloaded by over 10 million people, and according to reviews is what we recommend you to use.

Fake Call for Android has many integrated features including:

  • Program the incoming call
  • Customize the incoming call ringtone
  • Add a recorded voice to simulate a real two-way conversation
  • Customize the caller’s name and phone number
  • Also add a profile picture of the caller
  • Start an instant call to immediately receive the call after clicking on the relevant button

All of the following applications require at least permission to access microphone audio, multimedia files, contacts and in rare cases to access the files stored on the PC.

Best App to make fake calls on Android

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