Where to download music without copyright for YouTube Videos

Would you like to add a background song in a video to be posted on YouTube but are you afraid of infringing copyrights? In the next lines we will list a series of Internet sites where you can download music without copyright so you can publish the video being more relaxed.


The video sharing platform owned by GoogleYouTube, has a dedicated section where you can access a library full of free songs you can use without infringing the copyright. All you need to do is access the Music Collection section. Since we have already written and published a guide on which music to put on YouTube without infringing the copyrights, we advise you to read it.


If you are not satisfied with the free tunes made available by YouTube in its extensive catalog, then you might consider Incompetech. Within this resource you can find various soundtracks divided by genre and atmosphere. In order to exploit them, the creator of the site, the composer Kevin MacLeod, asks only for a credit to be included in the video.


Another website where downloading music without copyright is ccMixter. Inside you can find various tracks with a Creative Commons license. Basically, the Web portal allows you to listen to music, create mashups and much more but keep in mind that some songs may require the credit within the video.


Beatpick boasts a large selection of music tracks with a license that can be used free of charge for non-commercial or non-profit videos. Once you have identified the desired track among those available, just click on License Song and choose Non Commercial projects.

Where to download music without copyright: alternative

In addition to the Web portals mentioned earlier, there are plenty of other online services to consider to find the perfect free song to put in the background in your clip. Here is the complete list.

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