How to download music (mp3 or other format) from YouTube

In this guide we have collected for you apps, programs and online services that allow you to download music from YouTube for free in a few simple clicks.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to download free music from YouTube is to use the appropriate websites. All the sites that we are going to reveal soon will work the same way: you must link to the web address in question, copy the link of the YouTube video from which you want to “derive” the song, select the format with which you have the file ( Mp3 or others) and click on the Conversion button. In a few seconds the song is stored and downloaded from YouTube and is then available in the destination folder. The best websites to download free music from YouTube are:

  • Downloader Online: is the most popular website to download music from YouTube. It does not contain any advertising and requires just two steps (paste address + Download Mp3 ) to get music files;
  • Online Video Converter: effective as the first two, it uses the same functioning, but has the defect of having a little too much advertising;
  • VidtoMp3: another very effective site, it contains advertisements even if not very intrusive. It can be a valid alternative to previous websites, even if the conversion times are longer;
  • TheYouMp3: easy-to-use website with little advertising, which allows you to convert YouTube links into music files in seconds.

With which browser extensions can I download music from YouTube?

As an alternative to websites where you can copy song links, you can also download YouTube music using simple browser extensions. The browsers that we will consider in these lines are the most used at the moment in the web, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Remember that there are no extensions in the official stores of the two browsers to download music from YouTube: this activity is opposed by the big internet giants. However, third-party applications can be used.

One of the most important, available for Google Chrome, is YouTube MP3 Download Button. You need to connect to the extension’s website using Google Chrome, click on Install this Script and then on Install. Once the installation is complete, simply connect to YouTube and look for the video of the desired song in the “tube”: below the video you will see the Mp3 Download button, clicked which you can download the piece of music.

For Firefox lovers, however, the most important extension to use is Simple YouTube Mp3 Button. Accessing the link from the Mozilla browser, it will be sufficient to click on Add to Firefox and then on Install now to make this extension operational. For the rest, the procedure is identical to that indicated for the previous extension: just connect to YouTube, choose the video and click on the Mp3 Download button.

App to download music from YouTube

Recent research has shown that browsing by mobile devices has now numerically exceeded those from fixed devices. It is therefore necessary to find applications for Android and iOS that allow you to easily download music from YouTube. Some problems can be found on the operating system of “Google”, for the same reason that there are no official extensions for Chrome (both are headed by the company of Mountain View): the apps to download music from YouTube violate licenses. So forget to find what’s right for you on the Google Play Store.

Fortunately, there are third-party applications, which you can install if on your mobile device, in the Settings – Security path you will enable the entry Unknown sources. The most important application for downloading music is YouTube Downloader.

Once connected from smartphone to the app website, just click on Download latest build to download and install the program. At the end of the installation, simply click on Open to start the app for the first time. At the top you can see the search bar in which you will have to type the title of the desired piece of music. Once you find and select the desired YouTube video, simply click on MP3 to start downloading the audio file. Since not all applications outside the Play Store are reliable, we recommend that you only use this application on your Android device to download music from YouTube, because it is a tested and reliable software.

In the iOS world, however, there are far fewer restrictions and you can find several applications to download music from YouTube directly in the Apple Store. The most important of all is Total Files, which as mentioned can be downloaded directly from the official store of the Cupertino company. Total Files is actually a web browser, but it also allows you to download multimedia files on your device. To use it then according to the prefix purpose, simply start it, browse the YouTube website, search for the desired track and from there follow the instructions of the automatic pop-up that appears and invites you to download. Really very simple.

Programs to download music from YouTube

We end our journey in the methods to download music from YouTube by making a short list of the programs that have been created for this purpose. It is the method that we recommend absolutely if you want a direct procedure and that does not show annoying advertising. Below we offer a list of easy to use programs that we have specially tested. For each of them is available a link to the website from which you can download it and install it for free:

These four programs are equivalent to ease of use and speed of conversion of links into audio files. Moreover, they are the best solution for all those who have to download entire playlists and not single songs, since they support multiple downloads at the same time.

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