Best apps to download free music on Android

In this guide, we will see the best apps to download free music on Android. All of these apps really work to download free music in Android

Best apps to download free music on Android

Download music on Android with the best apps

Are you looking for an application that allows you to download music on your smartphone or your Android tablet, but so far you have not found anything interesting? I know very well that on the Play Store there are lots of apparently perfect apps, which promise “seas and mountains”, but that turn out to be not very useful, even malfunctioning or malware.

Precisely for this reason, and given the numerous requests we receive periodically, we decided to publish an updated and complete article in which we collected the best apps to download free music for Android. 

Below you will find a selection of the best programs that allow you not only to listen to free streaming music on Android, but also give you the opportunity to download free MP3s to your smartphone or tablet to listen to songs and music offline, when you want, without internet connection.

Try all the applications that I am going to advise you and find the one that’s right for you. I assure you that there are really for all tastes: from streaming music services that allow you to listen to their playlists in offline mode to download services for free on Android!

And, unlike what you find on many other blogs and forums, here you will find the best free and updated apps to download music on Android. Not the classic free apps that eventually make you download old songs, ugly or unknown, but the best programs that make you download the latest songs on Android, the most famous, the most beautiful.

In short, ours is the best selection you can find on the web for downloading songs and music on Android!

The best apps to download free music on Android

Warning: downloading copyrighted music may lead to copyright and certain copyright violations, depending on the country in which you are located. We are not responsible for what you download from your device and the consequences that may result.

We do not waste time chatting and start immediately with our list.

The first solution that I propose is called My-free-mp3s.comIt is not a program, but a website accessible from desktop (PC, Mac ..) and Android that allows you to search and download any MP3 song in one click.

Using the portal is easy: go to the home, search for the song you want to download on Android, listen to a preview and download the MP3 track on Android for free in a click.

The second solution is practically identical to the first one.

Even here you simply have to go to the site, search for the song and download it in one click. It works either from a smartphone or PC or Mac. Go to and download all the MP3 songs you want on your Android smartphone or tablet, for free and in a few clicks.

Deezer Premium Free

A few days ago, turning on the internet I discovered that you can have the Premium version of Deezer for free on Android.

This allows you to have all the premium features of Deezer for free, without signing up for a subscription. In addition to removing advertising from Deezer, you can then download songs, albums and playlists from Deezer for free in one click, at the highest quality.


This solution is more “classic” in the sense that Snaptube is a program that allows you to download video and audio from YouTube.

Basically you have to install Snaptube on your Android smartphone, search for the music video of the song you are interested in and then you will be able to download the MP3 file from the YouTube video in an easy and fast way.

It’s a different solution from the others, but it works. The only drawback: downloading videos from YouTube, sometimes in the MP3 track are included the intro and the outro of the video that are not always part of the audio track.

Spotify Premium

This solution is also interesting, but it does NOT allow you to download free music on Android.

With this MOD version of Spotify for Android, you can have all the Premium features of Spotify, but NOT download the songs. You can take away advertising from Spotify, you can skip directly to all the songs you want, you can listen to streaming music on Spotify at the highest quality, but you will NOT be able to download music from Spotify on Android.

Vkmusic bot

If you use Telegram, you must absolutely add Vkmusic Bot to the messaging service. Simply go to Telegram, search for @vkmusic_bot and start the bot.

From that moment you can just search for any MP3 song and you can download it for free in one click on your Android. Simple, fast, free, without the need to download and install additional apps.

More apps to download Android music

Among the other available apps, but less interesting than these, I point out:

Download Android Music – Conclusions

We have concluded with this article.

If you were looking for a way to download songs and music for free on Android, I’m sure you now have enough items available.

If you know other methods to download free Android music, leave a comment at the end of the article and, after trying them, we will add them to the list if they are valid and comfortable.

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