Download and use Netflix Beta app on Android and PC

Netflix sometimes tries to push new buttons and features in the mobile app. If you’ve seen news like “Netflix Beta Test Function” and want to be part of the platform testing group to have their own opinions, just follow the steps below.

Downloading and using Netflix Beta is simple and gives you access to news before launch. Notice, however, that not everything is flowers. As this is a beta app, you may have to deal with unexpected bugs, bugs and problems.

How to download and use the Netflix Beta app

“Developer Netflix, Inc. has invited you to the testing program for an unprecedented version of the Netflix app. If you accept, you will receive an update with a trial version of the Netflix app. Maybe this will include a sample snapshot app, “the official note explains.

Netflix Beta is available for Android. You need to connect to your Google account.

How to download and use the Netflix Beta app

  1. First, you must already have the official version of Netflix on your phone;
  2. Go to the Netflix test program page on Google Play;
  3. Click on “Become a tester” to become “Become a tester”;
  4. You will see the message “You are a tester”, you have become a tester;

You can manually update the Netflix app in the Google Play Store or wait for the platform to update automatically on your smartphone. The test program warns that it may take a few hours to start on the phone.

When you visit Netflix again in the Google Play Store you will see the Netflix app (Beta). If you want, you can exit the test program using the same link. Uninstall the beta and install the stable version of the app on the Google Play Store. The operation is the same as the traditional Netflix application, without mystery.

Netflix beta on PC

PC users may have noticed that there is a beta version of the Netflix URL. This, however, has no relation to the Android test program and works separately.


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