Best genuine apps helpful to increase Instagram followers

Do you want to become popular on Instagram and looking for a way to increase followers? If you have already read our guide on how to increase likes and followers, then you are ready to take advantage of the best apps to increase Instagram followers.

We will draw up a list with the best apps to increase followers quickly enough, you will see that everything will be easier than expected and with simple clicks you’re done. But do not forget that these apps are not miraculous: you always need a strategy and use the right Instagram hashtags.


App to increase Instagram followers on Android

On Android there are apps to earn Instagram followers rather fanciful, but really functional. Here are the most interesting ones.

Follower Assistant

Follower Assistant is a very strategic app. It does not allow you to buy Instagram followers, but allows a thorough analysis of their followers. It therefore requires a rather demanding manual action, but it will be very effective for obtaining real followers.

Thanks to Follower Assistant, it will be possible to control the followers who return the follow-up or those that already follow but are not returned. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that you can control the followers in common with other accounts, so that they are more likely to return when they are followed.

DOWNLOAD | Follower Assistant (Android)

Neutrino +

Another excellent app, but also original, is Neutrino +. Original because it works through a diamond mechanism.

What does it mean? The more people you follow, the more followers you will receive. Once you have earned a certain amount of diamonds, you will enter a sort of ranking where other users will see the various classified accounts, and will follow them because they too need diamonds to be classified. In this way you will be able to get many followers in a short time.

Really original in its purpose, but really useful.

DOWNLOAD | Neutrino + (Android)

App to increase Instagram followers on iOS

Even on iOS, the app to have more followers are very effective, here are the most famous.


Captivate is an app that looks really good. It allows you to follow some users who 100% return the favor: once done that just remain to stop following everyone, or at least the profiles are not interesting. This is a great way to make yourself known and to show your profile, it’s a great strategy.

DOWNLOAD | Captivate (iOS)


Available only for iOS is the free Piczoom app, really easy to use. It contains the same diamond mechanism of Neutrino +, but it flies with coins: it will be enough to follow profiles that will earn coins, and thanks to them you will receive many followers.

DOWNLOAD | Piczoom (iOS)

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