How to download all your photos and videos from Facebook for backup

If you have already posted or shared many photos and videos on Facebook, you can download them to your computer if you want to back up or share in WhatsApp, for example. It’s a useful way of not just relying on social networking and storing your catch with you.

After downloading, remember that you can also delete all or some Facebook photos and publications automatically, without having to select one by one. So you can save what you have published and take away from the social network.

The download of your images can be done by a tool called Your information on Facebook, which shows everything Facebook knows about you. From there, you can also download your photos, videos and even publications. Look that:

  1. Go to Facebook Settings and click on Your Facebook Information> Download your information;
  2. You will enter the page above. Under Your Info, click Uncheck All;
  3. Now check Photos, Videos, and other information from your account that you want to download;
  4. Under Media Quality, select High, Medium, or Low depending on the quality you want for your photos;
  5. When finished, click the blue Create file button;
  6. Facebook should take a few minutes, hours or days to create your file. When this happens, you will be notified by email and it can be downloaded in Available Files;
  7. When you receive the confirmation email, go to  Available Files and click Download.

After downloading, just unzip the file in * .zip and access the contents. There is a page index.html that brings together all the content, but you can also access the photos or videos folders to directly access your files. The content includes the photos and videos uploaded and also shared by you.

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