How to delete Instagram Direct messages

You can delete a message or delete an entire conversation in Instagram Direct in the same way you would in WhatsApp. The difference is that on Instagram, this only excludes the conversation for you. Content will still appear to other people.

How to delete Instagram Direct message

How to delete a conversation in Instagram

You can delete the history of an entire conversation with a person or group.

  1. Touch the paper airplane in the upper right corner of the screen;
  2. Look in the list for all the latest conversations you’ve ever had;
  3. To delete conversations on iOS (iPhone), swipe left;
  4. Touch and hold the conversation on Android;
  5. Touch “Delete” to delete the entire history;
  6. Once you delete the conversation, it will no longer be visible in your inbox.

Again, this will only erase messages on your phone and on your own Instagram.

How to delete messages already sent in Instagram

You can also delete one or more messages that have already been sent. After deleting, it will no longer be visible to the people in the conversation (group or individual). However, people who have already received may already have viewed the content.

  1. Touch the paper airplane in the upper right corner of the screen;
  2. Look at all the latest conversations in the list and open one;
  3. Touch and hold a message;
  4. Select “unsend (iOS)” or “unsend message” (Android);
  5. Once deleted, it will no longer be visible in this conversation.

How to delete an inbox with Instagram Stories

If Stories is from another account, just follow the same procedure above with the photo and with the comment you made (the text is separated). But if the Story is yours and you want it to add up to this conversation, you can exclude deleting the post you made. The people you sent to will no longer be able to see it (neither in chat nor in Stories) because the media disappears and the application can not fetch that content from the source.

How to delete voice message in Instagram Direct

If you want to delete voice messages, you can also cancel the person’s cell phone. See how you can delete audio recordings on Instagram Direct.

But social networks are complicated. As much as they allow the option to delete sending, the resource is doubtful. In the case of Direct, it does not “delete to everyone” like in WhatsApp. And even if it went away, the person could still have seen the notifications.

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