How to Use Quick / Automatic Reply also in non Business WhatsApp version

You can put an automatic message in WhatsApp using a feature called “Quick Reply”. Note that the native function is only available to WhatsApp Business users. If you do not plan to use this version of the messenger, you can choose to use third-party applications on Android; see a list of suggestions.

How to put automatic message in WhatsApp

How to Use Quick Reply in WhatsApp Business

With “Quick Response”, you can create shortcuts to the messages you send most often such as “I’m driving,” “in a meeting, I respond in 1 hour,” “I went to pick up kids at school,” “I’m on vacation, … “,” day off, I return to the office in … “. You can include text only or use multimedia, with emoji, GIFs, photos and videos.

How to Create Quick Reply in WhatsApp

  1. Touch the Menu Button (three points);
  2. Choose “Settings” and “Company Settings”;
  3. Under Quick Reply, tap Add (+).

Enter text or attach media for quick reply. Set a keyboard shortcut for quick reply with keywords to quickly locate. You can add a maximum of three keywords. Tap save when done.

How to Use Quick Replies in WhatsApp

  1. Open a conversation in WhatsApp;
  2. Type “/”, followed by the keyboard shortcut defined;
  3. Select the quick reply and the text field will be filled in automatically;
  4. You can edit the message or touch “Send” directly.

Note: To work, you must “reply” using one of the shortcuts.

  • The maximum number of quick reply that can be stored is 50.
  • The maximum length of a keyboard shortcut is 25 characters.
  • All keyboard shortcuts should start with a slash: ‘/’.
  • Keywords may not contain spaces or special characters.

Automatic Reply Applications in WhatsApp

If you do not want to use WhatsApp Business, you can keep your traditional WhatsApp on your phone and use third-party applications. There are several in the Google Play Store; see a list.

For jailbroken iPhones, there is an app called WAAutoReply. From iOS 11 there is a “Do Not Disturb” feature that allows you to edit automatic messages for when you are moving, for example. However, the “Do not disturb” only works for SMS and iMessage. Anyway, it can be useful if you use the Apple messenger.

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