Create GIFs from YouTube Videos without Apps

GIFs have become quite popular on social media. This is a 2-3 second video of fun. By the way, you will sometimes see GIFs on social media, but do you know how to make them. If not, here we are telling you this method. Letting you know that making GIFs is not very difficult. You can also create a GIF from a YouTube video. You do not even need to download any third party app for this. You only have to do a little bit for this.

Create GIFs from YouTube Videos like this :

1. For this, you have to go to the desktop. Now open the video you want to create the GIF.

2. Write the gif before youtube in this video URL For example:

3. By doing this, you will be redirected to the website. From here you can choose GIF’s start time, end time and duration. Below you can see its screenshot

4. When you enter all the parameters here you will need to click on the Create GIF button. After doing this you will have a page open in which some options will be available. There will also be a public and private button. From this you can choose anything.

5. Then click on Next. Now the page that will open will have subscription details. Below there will be an option of No Thanks. Click on it. Now a new page will open where your GIF will appear.

6.  You can share it on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter. You can also download them as well. However, you must signup or login to download.

In this way, you will be able to create a GIF according to your favorite videos as well as download and share them.

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