How to Create, Configure and Delete a Server on Discord

Discord is a free chat platform for gamers, available for Web, Windows, Mac and mobile versions for Android phones and iPhone ( iOS ).
Discord works through servers that, in turn, can be divided into different voice or text channels.
Here is complete step by step guide to create, configure and delete your server on Discord. We will start by explaining how to do it on PC and then show the process on phone.

Creating your server on Discord

  1. First, click on the “+” icon located in the upper left corner of the program.
    Creating your server on Discord 1
  2. On the next screen, select “Create a server”.
    Creating your server on Discord 2
  3. Then, give it a name, region and presentation icon of your server and then click “Create”.
  4. There, your server is already created and the next window will inform the link that you must send to your friends so that they can access the server.

To access the invitation link, you can always click on the “Create invitation” icon that is located at the right of the “General” channel on your server. Note that, by default, the invitation expires in 1 day, but you can check the box shown in the image above so that it never expires. In addition, by clicking on the gear icon, you can set more personalized options for the invitation, such as the exact validity period and the maximum number of users.

Configuring your server

After creating the server and adding friends, you will need to do some quick settings before you start using Discord.

Assigning roles and setting permissions

Create roles for the members of your server and assign permissions. You can create roles that are valid for all channels or assign them to only a few.

To set up roles for the entire server, do the following:

  1. Click on server name then server setttings.
  2. Click on Roles from the menu, by default there is @everyone.
  3. To create a new Role click “+” on the top in front of roles
  4. Define the name of the position (Administrator, Chief, member, supervisor, etc.) and choose a color with which the user’s name will be displayed
  5. Set permissions from the list of “General Permissions”
  6. Then click on save changes

There are several permissions, which control since invitation to use emojis. The “Administrator” key links them all. Take the time to learn about permissions.

Creating and configuring a channel

By default, as soon as you create a server on Discord, two channels are created automatically, one for text and one for voice:

To create new channels, just click on one of the “+” icons, shown in the image above, choose the type of channel (text or voice), define the name and select “Create channel”. Then, with the new channel created, click on “Edit Channel” (gear icon in the image above). The new window will show a menu where you can configure several points such as:

  • Time interval in which messages can be sent.
  • Use of emojis.
  • Use of links.
  • Creation of positions for members.
  • Permissions that each member has on the channel, among others.

Configure your preferences as you see fit.

How to create and configure a Discord server by phone

To create and configure a Discord server on your phone, you must first download the program’s application. Click on the links below according to your operating system:

Download Discord for Android

Download Discord for iOS

After installing and logging into the application, click on the menu located in the upper left corner of the screen and then click on the “+” icon shown in the image below:

create and configure a Discord server by phone

Then, just follow the same steps explained above in the PC version, both to add friends and to create channels. The interface is exactly the same and you just need to click on the same icons.

To configure your channel (positions, permissions, emojis, etc.), you must click on the desired channel and then click on the “…” icon in the upper right corner of the screen and access “Channel settings”:

In this menu you will find all the definitions mentioned above. Customize it any way you like.

How to Delete a Server on Discord

You can delete a server anytime. To delete just follow steps below:

  1. Click on the server name and then click on “Server Settings” from the list.
    Delete a Server on Discord 1
  2. You will see an option to “Delete Server” in red at the bottom left.
    Delete a Server on Discord 2
  3. It will ask you to type the server name, just type it and click on “Delete Server“.
    Delete a Server on Discord 3
  4. Now your server will be disappear from the list with everything.

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