How to create an account on IRCTC website

IRCTC’s official ticket booking platform of Indian Railways today is millions of users. This platform is used not only for booking rail tickets but also for the use of this platform for hotel booking, e-catering service, holiday package, flight bookings etc. IRCTC started the e-ticketing service in 1999. 20 years of this service are going to be completed. Earlier users could not get the benefit of this service due to low bandwidth and slow Internet connectivity. But in the last few years, the Internet revolution in the country has been mostly the majority of the people are booking railway tickets through this service.

IRCTC’s website has been upgraded last year, apart from this IRCTC Rail Connect app has also been upgraded. Users are now able to book tickets easily through this service. For this, the website has been made more user-friendly last year. From booking tickets to the users, the availability of the seat is also easily understood. Apart from this, the Railways have made some changes in the rules of online ticket booking last year, with the help of which users are no longer facing trouble in booking tickets. Today we are going to tell you the easy steps to make an IRCTC account. After the account of IRCTC is created, you will be able to use it to book tickets through all platforms of IRCTC.

Accounts made in IRCTC

First of all, go to IRCTC’s official website

– Here you have to click or tap the register button.

– After clicking or tapping the register button, you will be redirected to a different page.

– By visiting this page, you fill out your personal information such as name, address, mobile number, gender, preference language etc.

– After filling up the information you will have to click the submit button. After this, you will get a link to the user name and password on your e-mail ID.

– You have to keep your user id from 3 to 10 characters. In this, you can use a letter, number, and underscores.

– You can use 8 to 16 characters to choose a password. In this, you can choose a small letter, a capital alphabet, and a numeric digit.

– After choosing the username and password you must accept the terms and conditions. After this, you can use your IRCTC account.

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