Clear Instagram search history and mislead others

How to clear searches on Instagram: here’s how to completely clear the history of the people you searched on Instagram for Android and iPhone


How to clear search history on Instagram 

New day, new article dedicated to users who use Instagram every day, the photographic social network par excellence which in recent months has seen exponential growth worldwide.

Today in particular I want to explain how to delete searches on Instagram. That’s right: thanks to our instructions you can delete the searches you have done on Instagram for Android and iPhone in a click.

Let’s not waste time and immediately see how to reach your goal, so as not to let anyone know who you searched for in the photography social network. 

As anticipated, the guide is not only very easy to follow, but applies to both Android and iOS. 

Let’s begin!

Clear recent Instagram searches 

The steps to follow, as promised, are few, simple and fast.

  • start Instagram on Android or iPhone
  • go to your profile by clicking on the last icon at the bottom right
  • click on the 3 dots/lines located at the top right
  • go to the bottom of the menu until you find the Settings item (which has a wheel/gear next to it)
  • go to Security
  • in the menu that opens, click on Clear search history
  • a long list will open with all the searches you have done on Instagram. Click at the top right on the Delete all button (and confirm when required) to delete them all forever. Nobody will ever know what you searched for on Instagram or your search history on the social network.

Done! These were the steps that explained how to clear Instagram search history in the simplest way possible.

Now, if you try to search on Instagramno recent research appears and no one will ever know who you searched for on the social network.

If by chance you have been looking for some “forbidden” person and you don’t want to let your partner know, in this way you can hide the traces of what you have done and nobody will ever find out.

Bonus tip

After you have deleted recent searches on Instagram,  perhaps to avoid making your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband suspicious, I strongly recommend you to look for 3-4 contacts who are actually your friends, relatives or people you usually follow.

In short, do “fake” searches just to make these names appear among recent searches.

In this way, if you wanted to delete Instagram searches so as not to show your searches to your partner, when you try to open the searches, “safe” names will appear.

If you don’t carry out this trick and by chance open the search for Instagram in the company of your wife/husband (or the other person takes your smartphone and does a quick check) after deleting the history, the other person could be suspicious to see that there is no recent research. It clearly means that you have cleared the history to hide something.

Instead, if you do some “safe” research as recommended, no one will ever suspect anything.

Quick and easy, right?


That’s all for this news.

I remind you that for any doubt, question or comment, leave a comment at the end of the article and I will help you more precisely.

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