Instagram Stories: how to respond by sending GIFs and animated stickers

Animated stickers and GIFs can now be used to respond to stories on Instagram: here’s how to do it and how to send animated GIFs and stickers to IG Stories.

Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories add a new long-awaited: the ability to respond to stories by sending GIF and animated stickers. The nice animated images add to the range of possibilities and reactions offered by the popular app, expanding an option already contained in Direct, private Instagram messages, and on other chats such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

But how do you send GIFs and animated stickers to answer stories on Instagram? The novelty is the result of a new update launched by the app but many, scrolling through the various stories, may not have realized the introduction of this new command.

Sending GIFs in Instagram stories will satisfy that slice of users who, for some time, have requested this possibility (which will make the answers to the stories even more original). Here’s how it works.

Instagram: how to respond to stories with GIF

Sending GIFs in response to Instagram stories is possible, but many may not have noticed this option.

To do it is very simple: open the desired story on Instagram and tap at the bottom, in the “Send message” section. After the automatic opening of the faces used for rapid reactions in another, and the ability to send photos and images on the left, at the bottom right you will find the GIF button (which leaves very little space for any misunderstandings).

Clicking on the latter will automatically open the menu of GIPHY, a portal full of GIFs and animated images affiliated with Instagram and other instant messaging chats.

By selecting the search bar at the top you can search for the GIF that will do more for you and the situation of the moment: the possibilities are endless.

Instagram: how to respond to stories with animated stickers

In addition to this option, Instagram now makes it possible to respond to stories by also sending animated stickers, the cute stickers that already dominate the customization options present in the editor dedicated to IG Stories.

To access it, simply tap on the GIF button, but referring in this case to the icon at the bottom left relating to the animated stickers.

Here too, you can search for the desired sticker thanks to the huge GIPHY database. Easy right? Responding to stories today is even easier, while the expectation for the arrival of Instagram Direct grows also in the Web version of the popular social network.

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