Friday, August 7, 2020
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We try to solve your all problem whether they are related to your phone or that is your computer. In this category, we try to give you best of our knowledge so you can deal with your daily tech needs. Here we will tell you how to fix errors on your device and make your devices totally technology friendly.

How to turn off automatic update of apps in the Google Play Store

If you've ever had trouble due to automatic app update in the Google Play Store, you may have been irritated by the use of mobile data or even the crash of...

What is a histogram and how to use it to enhance your photos?

Histogram is one of the most important and powerful tools for controlling image exposure. And with a few moments of reading, you'll understand that some simple rules can make you a...
Microsoft proposes optimization in night mode of Chromium project

How to Reinstall or Reset Windows 10 to default

Good news for those who need to format Windows 10: there is no need to download and reinstall the system. When performing the process, the PC will do the work alone, reinstalling...

Google Translate: how to translate voice and image using Android or iPhone

Google Translate is a smartphone app accessible by your web browser. The service, as the name suggests, allows you to translate different words and sentences into 103 different languages. You can access it...

The best free antivirus for PC: Our Test And Comparison

Surfing Internet is an almost always fun and enjoyable activity, but it is not at all risk-free: hackers spread viruses across the network, and anyone who is not prepared can end...


Best Discord Dating Servers

Are you looking for an online date? Then discord can be an option for you. Yes, it is possible to find someone for a...