IOTransfer 4 : The Ultimate iPhone/iPad Manager and Video Downloader

Are you looking for a fast, reliable iOS transfer tool? then you are in the right place. We will see how IOTransfer 4 shines more than any of the other such utilities out there, as we go through this article.   What will you do if you want to transfer a file urgently to your … Read more

How VR Can Change the World of Entertainment

VR Gaming

If technology didn’t exist people wouldn’t have a lot of commodities available today. Just think how the world would function if there was no Internet. Students wouldn’t be able to find the information they need, people wouldn’t be able to communicate with each other and they would definitely miss out on their favorite music and … Read more

How To Avoid Online Spoilers

It can be frustrating when you have not seen a movie or episode in a series yet, and suddenly there are spoilers that tell parts of the story. Or even everything. Here’s how to easily avoid them. Definition of the spoiler: Noun: spoiler; plural: spoilers A person who spoils anything. A description of an important development in … Read more

How to turn off automatic update of apps in the Google Play Store

If you’ve ever had trouble due to automatic app update in the Google Play Store, you may have been irritated by the use of mobile data or even the crash of your smartphone. Learn how to have full control over Android app updates. Application updates have their advantages and disadvantages. First, application updates are very important because … Read more