Bluetooth disappeared on iOS 12: Where can I find bluetooth icon?

A reader asks us: “After updating to iOS 12, I no longer have the Bluetooth icon, did the iPhone break?” In reality, it is not a bug or a failure, but a feature.

Perhaps you have already noticed. After switching to iOS 12 , the Bluetooth icon has disappeared from the iPhone status bar . What does this mean, that Bluetooth does not work? Do you need to worry? This is where we answer all your questions.

Feature, Not Bug

First of all, let’s be clear. The disappearance of the Bluetooth icon derives from a precise will of Apple. This type of connection is fundamental for some key ecosystem functions, such as Continuity, Handoff, AirDrop, and even Personal Hotspots; but it also serves Apple Watch, so it’s no surprise that in Cupertino they want it to stay alight. Only in this way does it have a complete and satisfying user experience.

Impact on the battery

In general, for years we have always advised disabling Bluetooth to save battery and stretch the autonomy of the iPhone as much as possible. With modern iPhones, however, this requirement is much less pronounced , especially since the Bluetooth chips used today have very sophisticated energy-saving features. In essence, it no longer makes a big difference, and the disadvantages of deactivation far outweigh those of consumption. So, especially from iPhone X on, keep the Bluetooth always strictly active .

The fact is that turning off and on the Bluetooth is an old trick like the cuckoo but always effective when the accessories start to make a tantrum. In this case, we recommend that you open Settings> Bluetooth and disable it from there.

Alternatively, one way to solve any problems with Bluetooth is to remove an accessory and repeat the pairing. What can be done like this:


    • Settings> Bluetooth


    • Touch the “i” to the right of the problem device


    • Tap Detach this device


Then, repeat the pairing procedure as you did the first time. But if Bluetooth does not work yet, then you will have to go deeper.

Update the firmware of the device, if possible, and reset to factory settings; and if you do not solve it, try (but it’s a desperate attempt) to restore the network settings in Settings> General> Restore> Restore Network Settings. Warning: this will delete all saved WiFi passwords as well as paired Bluetooth devices; on the other hand, the settings of the mobile carrier will be reapplied automatically.

Despite all these attempts, Bluetooth still does not work? So there’s something wrong with the hardware level. Try to restore the device, but you are already mentally beginning to get used to the idea of having to bring it to service. Here we explain how to book an appointment in the Apple Store. And good luck.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!


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