Why power bank is ban in airlines

With the increasing trend of smartphones, the demand for power bank has also increased significantly this time. People have started keeping the smart bank as well as a power bank. It works to charge us the device on the occasion of an emergency. But using power bank in cargo during the air travel is totally banned. Along with this, news of death has also been reported due to the power bank these days. In this case, if you also use Power Bank, then you are going to ask us about how to use it safely. First of all, we know why the power bank is banned for shipping in cargo during Air Travel. Why is the power bank to keep it with its back pack.

Why Power Bank is Ban

Let us know that airlines refuse to take the power bank with cargo luggage. The main reason behind this is safety. That’s because lithium cells are attached to the power bank. There is a possibility of a blast when the lithium battery is hot. This is one reason why the power bank is prohibited with the cargo luggage of the plague. IATA (International Air Transport Association) has banned the transport of lithium metal or lithium batteries in 2017 according to the revised regulation.

How to Carry it in Airlines

Power Bank is a kind of portable device that lets you charge your smartphones, tabs etc. According to IATA guidelines, according to the Hazardous Goods Regulations, the power bank has been placed in the battery category, which has been placed in UN 3080 and UN 3480 lithium batteries in the UN 3090 category. The risk of short-sharking from the power bank used by the passengers remains the same. So it is allowed to carry only with baggage and not with cargo luggage. Power bank battery retains the risk of fire. According to media reports, at least two passengers are stopped every day at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, due to the power bank.

Why is it Dangerous

Now you must be wondering why the power bank is so dangerous, why do we use it. The cargo is near the cargo engine, due to which the heat is much more in it. Due to being hot, the danger of the power bank being blasted and the fire on the aircraft remains. We are going to tell you about the incident. Power bank has proved to be a life-saving for a Nigerian girl some time ago. The girl slept by placing her power bank on her chest while sleeping on her chest. Since the power bank was recharging, it was overhauled, its skin was burnt, and after that, there was a lightning shock and he died in sleep. Her parents found her dead next morning and the power bank placed on her was stuck in the body. Taking this electrocute device very light, this girl got heavier and it took her life.

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