What is a blog? Difference between Blog and Website

Many times people have asked me how to find out which website is and what blog is in the right way? The links of both are identical in appearance and both are opened on the same browser. What is the difference that separates both of them?

We will tell you some ways that you can easily distinguish between these two. First of all we talk about the blog-

What is a blog?

The blog is like a journal where a person makes his thoughts and experience public by the internet. There is no need for programming information to make this, it can be made in a simple way through some services like BloggerWordPressTumblr etc. Self Hosted WordPress is considered to be quite superior and it is used most often.

Used some words for web blog like-

  • Blogging – The task of writing a post for a blog is called blogging.
  • Blogger – This is the person who writes posts for the blog.
  • Blogfire – This is an online community for blogs and bloggers where they can publish their opinions.

To know the blog, it has some identities like-

  • All posts on the blog’s homepage are in the list.
  • All post categorysub-categorytagsmethods and authors etc. Notwithstanding divided|
  • Every post has an option of comment.

Design of almost all blogs can be different but its structure is the same. Therefore it can be easily identified. Some examples of blogs are:

Teknologya, Techcrunch, TechActive, Mashable, Gizmodo etc.

What is a website?

If we compare with the blog, then the website is a digital platform with no boundaries for design and structure. It is prepared by HTMLCSS, JS, PHP, Python languages. Due to coding, it can be given any form and it can be changed, while there is no such thing in the blog, there are some rules and changes can be made in accordance with that rule.

Identity – There is no limit to its design and structure so it can be different. Most of the websites are for information about company, organization, university. The big organization uses the website itself. The website contains such features that are not in a blog, it can also be used like a web tool. The blog can be a part of the website. Some examples of websites we tell you-

YahooAmazonWikipediaLinkedin etc.

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