Best WordPress themes for Hindi Bloggers

WordPress is considered to be the best platform for blogging because it does not require any kind of programming knowledge. If you also want to create a blog then you will have to use a great WordPress Themes. One thing that will be good to look into the Themes, the logo of your blog will be the same.

What is WordPress Themes?

WordPress Themes design layout and display of your website or blog. Using which you can change your website or blog according to the themes’ design. It can be changed easily on WordPress.

What to look for in a WordPress Themes-

So thousands of free and paid themes will be found on WordPress, but there are few themes that are full of all types of features.

  • When selecting Mobile optimized- Theme, check whether it is mobile friendly or not, that means it looks properly on a mobile browser.
  • Loading Speed-loading of the Theme is significant if your blog takes too much time to open then the user will exit from your blog.
  • SEO optimized – With SEO Ready, your blog will rank well on Google, so your blog can be easily searchable on Google.
  • AdSense optimized- This can earn you a great deal from your blog.
  • Third-party Plugin Integration- There are some themes which also offer plugins for free with themes in their own freebies.
  • Multilingual Theme – If you want to do blogging in Hindi then you have to select Multilingual Theme, so that your content should be displayed correctly in Hindi.
  • Having Demo Facilitation- Demo Data, you will not have much trouble setting up the blog’s design.

Apart from this, you can also make your blog more advanced by such social media ready, theme updates, header-footer settings, etc.

The Best Themes for Blogging

We are going to tell you some such themes that will get all the features mentioned above. I have used all these themes, it is quite simple that you can easily upload and activate on your WordPress. With its theme settings you can also make changes in it accordingly.

Sahifa Responsive WordPress Theme

Sahifa is the best WordPress theme for blogging, it is a multi-purpose theme that can be used to create every kind of website or blog. Its layoutdesign, feature is so great that it seems very attractive at first glance. This theme has a lot of features for blogging. If you want to blogging whole heartedly then buy this theme today.

Download Theme


Newspaper is a very popular WordPress Theme, it has been purchased 40000 times on themeforest. It’s so good in terms of look and design that people around the world love it very much. It is also very easy to use, it does not require any advance information. Simply install it in your WordPress panel and follow its instructions Step-by-Step to make your website.

Download Theme

Herald – News Portal & Magazine WordPress Theme

Herald is a modern WordPress theme, no coding knowledge is required for this theme. Its drag and drop setting is so strong that you will enjoy it very much. Even in case of look and design, it is not less than anyone. It has an option of more than 500 layouts and has an unlimited sidebar. This is the best theme for blogging.

Download Theme

Voice – WordPress Theme

Voice is also a good example for magazine/blogging. This wordpress theme has been built according to eCommerce, which means you can also sell any kind of product on it. This can be the best theme for the new bloggers, because its setting panel is very simple. The simplest the setting, the better the look and the design. If you want to create a blog on WordPress, then buy and download this theme today. In this you will not need much technical information.

Download Theme

GoodLife – Responsive Magazine & Newspaper Theme

GoodLife is a great WordPress Theme for Magazine and Newspaper. In this theme, you will find almost all the features of today’s world. This is an SEO Ready WordPress Theme, which means it will be ranked well on Google. Even in case of look and design, it is not behind from any other theme. Talking to the Theme Panel, there are a lot of settings in it so that you can set your account settings. In GoodLife, you get a lot of demo options. You can install a demo accordingly.

Download Theme


All the themes given above are of good ratings and people from all over the world use it. If you are thinking of creating a blog in Hindi or any in any other Indian Language, then all these themes will be best for you as all these supports Hindi and other Indian languages. You can buy any of the themes above of your choice and together we have given the choice of hosting, from there you can get a trial pack of hosting for a few days, which can be upgraded later.

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