10 best virtual pet games for Android

Virtual pet games (also known as Tamagotchi) made a huge success in the 1990s. At that time, you had to buy a special device just to take care of your pet all the time, but today you can do that on your smartphone. Fortunately, there are many virtual pet games you can try out on Android. If you want to check out some of our top recommendations, just check the list below!

1. Furdiburb

Furdiburb is a very interesting game in which you can take care of an alien forgotten by the parents on Earth. The premise is somewhat different, but otherwise, this is a game very similar to other games of virtual pets.

You should feed your pet, clean the place, brag with him, and even go for walks. The game is fun and well worth checking out. Click the link to download it.

2. Drago Pet

If you like dragons and virtual pet games, this is one of our best recommendations. In Drago Pet, you can take care of your own little dragon.

In the beginning, you will only have one dragon’s egg, but it is possible to take the mythical animal into adult life if you take good care of it. You can also decorate your dragon with various accessories. Click the link to check it.

3. Bird Land 2.0

Bird Land 2.0 is a great game for those who love birds. With this game, you can create birds of various species of your choice.

Its main focus is to take care of each one of them, being possible to increase the number of animals with special crosses. Click the link to download the app.

4. iQuarium

IQuarium is very interesting for those who like virtual pet games. It has an aquarium full of fish, as the name implies.

The cool thing is that in addition to observing, you can also interact with all fish. Other than that, you can decorate the aquarium the way you want. Click the link to download the game.

5. Pesoguin Clock Widget

The Pesoguin Click Widget is quite different from the other apps we present in this list. This app works more like a clock widget that also owns a virtual pet.

Therefore, you can also interact with the pet, feed it, play games, etc. Click the link to check out more about the app and download it.

6. Bubbu – My Virtual Pet

For those who love cats, Bubba – My Virtual Pet is a perfect game. It works like most virtual pet games, but it stars a pretty orange kitten.

You should feed him, teach him tricks, play with him and treat him with a lot of affection. It is also possible to put very cute accessories on the pet. Click the link to download the game.

7. Mimitos Virtual Cat

The Mimitos Virtual Cat is another great game for those who like cats. Here, you take care of a very cute kitten, who needs food, attention, and affection.

The cool thing is that there are little games that you experiment with your virtual pet, in addition to your obligations. There are also many accessories that you can wear and put on your kitten. click on the link to see more about the game.

8. Joy: Virtual Pet Game

Next, we have the Joy: Virtual Pet Game. The animals in this game are not like real animals, so you can customize them in several fun ways.

Of course, you must feed him, caress him, clean his dirt and everything necessary to leave the pet in good condition. You can check out more about the app through the link .

9. Moy: Virtual Pet Game

The Moy: Virtual Pet Game is very similar to the previous suggestion, as the name already makes quite clear. In this version, the bug has a simpler appearance and can appeal to a larger audience.

Just like the other virtual pet games, you’ll have to take care of Moy very carefully. Each care will also give you coins that can be used to purchase accessories for the pet. Click the link to download it.

10. My Talking Lady Dog

My Talking Lady Dog is one of those very popular virtual pet games where the pet can talk to the user. In this case, you have a puppy in this version.

You can give your name, decorate the room that the animal will stay and, of course, take care of the pet. It is possible to participate in mini-games, give food and put the puppy to sleep. If you do everything right, you will still see the dog grow up and become a beautiful, healthy adult. Click the link to download the game.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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